This is a real alley lanes, the total length less than 100 meters, also had a width of two people walking side by side, in the middle of the alley, a telegraph pole stands still.Every morning, people go to the morning market approached the road, it is directly across from the alley.There are walking, there are riding electric cars and on bicycles.Occasionally riding an electric three small business, will come from the alley.Then it will inevitably occur congestion.Thin narrow streets are not straight, there is a small corner near the middle of the lot, three from one to enter, occupy the entire lane, like a piston, the opposite line to all pedestrians, bicycles, electric cars all the top back in time few people can make early preparations, into the alley again later.On Saturday or Sunday, when many people, we squeeze squeeze pay to pay, inevitably some people grumbling, I sentence you rebuke tricycle master, “knowing so crowded also to go from here”, “not earlier screams” while complaining about, while to the back.Two electric bicycles meet fairly better, slow down each other we slowly pass by, even the body of another perfume can clearly smell.But much perfume, eau de toilette spray mosquito or summer mostly more, occasionally there are cool oil or wind spirits or is it a hint of mint flavor pass over.The number of blocking more, always look into the alley before each.There are a few people, down only see a two-year-old boy standing in the alley mouth pee.The little boy could be along with his family to the mouth of the alley curtain shop, anxious to find a place, stood in the alley, passers-by saw only a sigh, “this kid”.Children also bounce back to the curtain shop.  During the summer, purple petunias will climb the fence alley.People passing through the gap in the wall to see the yard Zhu Zhu lush iris, as well as patches of blooming roses, and even planted several strains of bamboo, as well as to grow tall, and flowers to the top ten feet red, wound dense climb morning glory.To see that, the yard should live person who loves flowers, timely sowing, watering, fertilizing, tends the flowers and lush lush.Like species of plants are certainly people who love life, and the life was colorful decorate and enjoy the good life in the ordinary, which is what some of us the attitude to life.No matter in what kind of environment, go with the flow and enjoy life given all the.  Alley not long, thin curved.People hurrying come here also could not help but slowed down, restless mind to a lot quieter here.Alley has its own speed, where more anxious to hurry, the more prone to congestion, but more slowly.You follow its speed, unhurried, it is more likely to pass.As usual, like a traffic jam, slow of mind, followed the order, not arbitrarily jump the queue, turn to Guaiqu.Once accepted, the fastest speed is always.Otherwise chaos into a pot of transportation, so that the police also inviting trouble, had the help of advanced electronic technology for remediation, violation fines has become the most useful tool.  Urban renewal, the road wider and wider, the driving speed is not faster, because car ownership not keep up with the rate of increase of traffic, and then wide road is busy, crowded crowded pay to pay the roadside car is everywhere.Bike lanes, sidewalks, and even step aside lane have become parking lot, dusty car more and more zombies.In contrast, there is no car lanes footprints, showing the original lively atmosphere, narrowed the distance between people, also it seems to be a good thing.