All the way through the article

Part one: all the way through Wrote the way through the sights, took me three decades, until now I found that many of the beautiful scenery actually become a thing of the past in this negligence in.With age continues to grow, people will begin to think more about life, look back through the road, the hearts of more than a few regrets, somewhat pleased, and frankly more of a frustration.Time is fair for everyone, life can only go this one was for the right or wrong of the past, we do not have too much to investigate, let alone remorse wandering in the mud, the pair lived past today’s punishment suffering.Everyone wants to have a good life, but there are always some things that affect people’s lives occur when we can not predict, some of the unforgettable pain, an unexpected hit, one after another piece let us feel the emotions of mood, appreciate the varied pressure and survival of things.;;; perhaps the meaning of life is already being felt on different things, except that someone’s life can feel different life, appreciate different realm of life; while others end his life time, stay together with an odorless lifestyle, his life only knew three meals a day answered the DPRK from the twilight interest.The former, with extraordinary experiences, rich life, savor the joy of hard struggle and success, thus highlighting the life of the CLS, together with its experience and achievements to become monument inspired the later struggle quasi-successful; the latter, perhaps that took a hit, you can not take heart from the shadows of the past and get rid of the pain of the past, doing nothing slowly get depressed.Anyway, they just dragged bladder, mechanically walking in the crowd, they just ideal to feed and clothe it.Do not misunderstand, I’m talking about this group of people especially those who are living or working in some of the unfair, causing certain areas is not conducive to personal development, From then on, everything go indignant, complaining, it seems “God alone and unfair to me feeling “.Everything except do not ask yourself what learned from experience.This community on cohabitation, which constitute nothing more than a pyramid-like layered as the different groups of people at different levels split among.Everyone has the potential to change their original location, or into a higher level, get more brilliant achievements, or fall into the bottom of society, try to human well-being.Each probably take in their own hands.The key to look at how to position themselves in the way of life, whether it is desirable to achieve actively getting ready.  Everyone could do their best, others perhaps not as good, perhaps simply seem insignificant, perhaps there are many shortcomings lots to talk about, then what to do with it?As long as we fought for the ideal, the achievement of make their own satisfaction, it is already a success.Because of individual differences, individual ability has high and low points, the success of the model is different, do not blindly imitate the success of others, do not be discouraged too little into his own, successful people not only to have a good result, it is important in the pursuit of success in the process, whether the individual can continue to surpass themselves, mutatis mutandis, laurels, whether there is a new breakthrough.If not a new breakthrough, but the process of seeking the face of sweat to pay, racking twists and turns verify the results, but also enough to make us pay for their own efforts, proudly toast cheers.In fact, the efforts of people around us, we ourselves place in them, but we often only see the great achievements of others while ignoring their own appreciation of existing achievements.Do not be discouraged, we are only human, has not judge yourself can not do, hard to work, and strictly regulate his conduct and happy life easy, we would already be a winner.  Three decades of years, I rose from the infant baby into a little girl’s mother, the only achievement of performance in life, I successfully bred and created a fresh life, which is usual for fertility I am concerned, it is the biggest gain life.In the process of raising her daughter, I fully feel such a wonderful family, but also appreciate the hardships my mother gave birth.  Maybe the child will be my ideal implementer, maybe she nurtured me is another new hope!For this reason only pipe I gave up a lot of their pursuit, but I harvest the results but it is so I will pick yourself up every day, to mobilize all the energy, nurtured with love daughter.Children are my reverence for life offering ceremony is re-color perfect family composition, and is full of women experiencing chapter.As a mother, responsibility on the shoulders makes me mature day by day, I feel like a sailboat at sea, winnowing fan Yang Ying waves, avoid dumb reef, even calm, avoid stranding.This is the affection given to maternal great.Rich life not only grand, dull life is not only humble, success is their own perception of life, understanding the meaning of life.  Along the way, mind blowing, past the wind, carry the deceased passed away.Too good today, ready for tomorrow, perhaps the ideal in today’s efforts to achieve in the near future.    Part II: We walked all the way that we meet in a warm and lively summer, it is doomed from that moment, we want to finish junior high school career together.Now is the summer, I can not help but think of you, and brings to mind a touch of melancholy.  Time as fleeting, how many ups and downs we have traveled together; how many days and nights we fight side by side.We cry together, laugh together, dream together.Our campus is full of high spirits figure until the recall, only to find there are so many sad farewells.  Boundless, a big crowd, we never strangers walked the same campus, then met again, knowing each other in a small classroom.Let us thank the fate go hand in hand; let us thank fate “with life and death, through thick and thin.”.Sauna net to make our active presence in the playground.Boys like bohemian wild, was playing basketball in their hands multifarious.At this time, the girls are no longer hypocritical, more enthusiastic, cheering for them in unison, wipe the delivery of water.Despite losing the game, but the friendship that we do not let the success of Heroes.  The light, the sea is fighting for the title figure.We will earn a math problem rather red in the face, but we are also losing unity, there is a problem, were discussed, Sarkozy discuss.Friendship moved us from one another, beyond the self, so that students become a harmonious collective; let friendship vegetation pavilions devotion.  The sun shining on flowers, with quiet and serene.  But I was sad to hear you say the things you want to drop out.You do not want to say here a waste of youth, you may know “wage earners” is the path of no return.Now is not the time we parted ways, we still have a long road to school to fight with it!We would also like to dream it together!  Outside the wind rustling the leaves, my heart is a little cool.When the school, if you do not see a familiar face, how much I would have disappointed!  If the encounter too hastily, please do not let parting also in such a hurry, do not go so clear, let us experience it more Fruitful!    Part three: all the way through, I leave every day to look at what others in the space for their own emotional words, the heart will always aroused the slightest ripple, seemed small to large, I have never finishing off his thoughts , so unexamined through life, it seems that the hearts of a thousand words, but can not start.I’m tired, a written article on Baidu, Baidu no matter how good, then the United States that are also words of others.Just a plain and simple written records about the inner feelings, and why it so difficult for me to?  A restless heart of man, it seems destined not integrate into the simple life.If life is like a pool of stagnant water every day, I think I own it will collapse soon.Often recall elders catch-phrase, nothing exciting is true!But is it really?I do not seek to shock the world of the living, but if life is not the slightest ripple excited, then we live, what meaning does?  Some people say that people always look up to something, and now I do not seem to know what they are looking at, is the ideal too plump, too skinny or reality!I always seem to figure out the ideal and the reality of where the boundaries.Sadly, people probably is not what he can not get, but that he did not know what they want to get, remember when they have a lot to be desired, there are some now want to come even ridiculous, but feel very happy, because somewhere there was a force pulling me grow.Now I seem even ridiculous ideal is gone, is this so-called mature it?If this is ripe, I wish I Never grow up.I remember watching the original television show, a classic lines, “Do not talk to me about ideal, quit!”At the time I just feel this sentence is very classic, but it seems never played with this sentence contained in the end how many sad, many people may think that such a thing will probably only likely to come to a weather-beaten man, but myself and did not receive the baptism of society, why come to look over the forgotten it, it really is because of years the pace so fast that the ideal fall behind!  Sometimes really envy those fanatical fans, they always seem to chase what he is full of passion, and can burn for years that passion, why should I not be able to do?Why do I keep on all three minutes of heat anything, this is what people call it impatience?But in this fickle age, I was a restless heart and how it can calm down?  I think people need to dialogue with the self, because sometimes maybe you do not really understand myself why bad things always asked to do their own excuses it?This is deceiving others, or deceiving ourselves?  Sometimes also wondering why people want to pretend it?Life with a mask a long time, take off the mask will find that the face has become distorted!Perhaps they do not even know themselves.But you do not wear a mask to accept that people will do joy, anger, form, color?  Yo twenty years, hurried, I left for themselves what.Well, fortunately I left true to yourself, in any case I still firmly believe that sincerity can win the world to rebuke, to humble the world to clever can win!