Blue Umbrella

A blue umbrella, to narrow the distance between you and me.  Wing your dreams, my heart Xu, blossoming Hongxia Ying raindrops.    A blue umbrella, carrying Lianbuqingyi.  Ray of fragrance collection, Song spectrum of a tie elegant.    A blue umbrella, muzzle your breath.  You whisper, shaking off my mood Sanqiu.    A blue umbrella, softened Acacia rainy season.  Since the wind, thoughts are pouring into the sky raindrops.    A blue umbrella, put away the secret of how much rain?  Swim alongside the beautiful, they are locked up in Wushan flower.    A blue umbrella, so far, I do not want to discard.  That you left me with love note.  Umbrella, brings warmth is far better than that piece of clothing burial.    That the blue umbrella, my dear, do you still remember?  This life, I have lived in your memories, which do not want to!