Blue Umbrella

This time under the rain outside the window very close, Durian, gently blow on the glass window, playing a melodious and sad melody.I lay in bed room, feeling like a sponge soaked with water, moist and heavy.My thoughts wind Piaoyuan, through time and space mirror, back to that childhood ignorant, there are many scenes seem to have become blurred, chaos like a pool of mud, however, that the blue floating in the rain umbrella has slowly emerged in the depths of memory, the outline gradually clear, becomes clear and vivid.    I was six and a half beginning in elementary school.At that time, schools do not have school bus.Thus, we can only rely on walking to school, hang a shoulder bag, Pidianpidian to walk on the country road, his mouth still humming the songs of the new school back.Go to school on the road, probably more than half of the journey, are located a small embroidery factory.Factory workers are recruited exclusively, discipline is not very strict, so many women are manual labor to move to the factory gate, tired of the distant landscape would look up.I have this group of kids go to school carrying a bag will undoubtedly become the biggest landscape their eyes.Each time a student pass, they will shout, hey, what lessons learned today ah?Or booing, come, sister to sing a little song.Perhaps vanity, we will sell fresh opening up to sing, scrambling to sell than a fresh.I have reason was because the family radio, often able to sing some of the other kids will not sing songs, always capable of causing a burst of applause.Every time the expansion of vanity always makes me feel flattered.One twenty-year-old young woman, Mingjiaoeqian among women workers, usually always very quiet bow embroidery doing, but when I began to sing Shique looked up at me laugh.At that time, I think her smile is the most beautiful things in the world.I do not know with Eqian, but I love her smile.    That day I was at home after dinner, bounce to go to school.Summer weather is strange, obviously the sun to go and face exposed, only halfway, dark clouds on the layer upon layer can be covered the entire sky.Soon, big as beans rain crackling would like blasting down on him like bamboo.I thought to myself is not good, Batui ran, just heard a voice shouting: “Come rain here.”I looked up, it was Aqian standing in the doorway of Embroidery.I answered, he ran past, accidentally crashed into her arms.She took me to hold on, cheerfully laugh.I blushed, Samsam stood.    She sat down on a chair, quietly start to embroidery.Time, minute by minute later, I guess I was getting late, you anxious frown, mutter up.She saw my embarrassment, I ask, are you afraid to be late for school?I nodded Push.She said, you wait for a while, right here.Then she walked inside the factory, soon to come up with an umbrella, referred to my hands, and said, you first use it to go to school.Give me after school.    I took her umbrella, a stride and burst into rain.She shouted back, Fighter parachute, do not pour broken body.I press the button umbrella of support, along with “Peng” is heard, an umbrella in the rain like a flower blossoming up.Playing in the rain dripping umbrella, like a melodious music, very nice.I happily running in the rain, do not they a little while in the classroom door.When the bell rang just at this time.I put the umbrella in the back of classrooms Hanging out, walked back to his seat just to sit down.Class, I always absent-minded, that what seems to be the umbrella magic, always affects my thoughts, so I could not look back to see classrooms.It was a very beautiful umbrella, umbrellas sharp sharp, capable of mapping out the dust on the ground; umbrella cloth is solid blue, like most of the color of the clear sky.In the classroom, teachers often teach us to sing “floating in a blue sky, white clouds ah”.I would especially love blue.I often think that I would fly up sky, white clouds do a.    It was only the school, the rain had stopped for a long time, but the sky was still a haze.I go on the road to open the umbrella, blue umbrella cloth floating in his head, as if he really turned into a white cloud, floating freely.A Qian was waiting for me in front of Embroidery.I ran over and said, you really beautiful umbrella.She smiled and said, ah you like.I nodded..She said, Well, you do it again tomorrow, I give it to you.I happily laughed and said, you must remember Oh.Oh, I’ll take tomorrow.She nodded and said, remember.    At that time I felt my body floating too can fly.We are looking forward to the time quickly in the past, as soon as possible to get their beloved umbrella.At night in bed, careful child like mind in bed like a deer happily bumped.With great difficulty heading for the dawn, I got a got up early, ate breakfast hastily, immediately went to the school run, no, more accurately, it should be run to Embroidery.Genius dawn, I a person walking on the road do not feel afraid.    Went Embroidery door, dark iron gate that still tightly closed, I suddenly disappointed.I crouched in the corner of the door, the heart is full of grievances, tears in the eyes of all the spin.Lasts over more than a minute, the iron gate “Oh” soon to open, from the inside out of a forty-year-old security.He came over and asked me, are you looking ah?I told him to find Eqian.He shouted to the inside, Aqian, someone looking for you.After tapping at which a sound of footsteps, Aqian will appear at the door, I see that it looks like his surprise in a little disappointed.I looked at her with eager eyes.She seems to think of it, he waved his hand, you wait here for a while ah.I know she is to bring an umbrella out to me, my heart happy.    She handed me an umbrella on hand.I found more than several flower colorful flowers on the umbrella cloth, it must be hand-embroidered her up at night.I have long been happy to just grievances thrown out the window.At this time, between the bushes not far from there was a man waving to him.A Qian see his face immediately reveal a charming smile, took my hand and walked over, a little complaining tone against that man said, how do you come now?The man said, I have come early enough.Eqian “Pooh,” a cry, and pointed his finger at me and said, you do not he come early.The man looked at me and just hold her hand and said, Well child.Then said a lot of good things, and only then Eqian flatter laughed.A Qian waved his hand and said to me, you go to school.I did not understand that they are two of the couple’s relationship, but rises from the heart of a jealous ignorant.I go on the road, from time to time to look back at the two of them making out among the flowers.    During that time I often went to sing in front of Embroidery listen to Aqian.She always likes to hug me in his arms boast me smart.I smell the scent of her body fragrance, scary heart children.Her boyfriend also often see her.People always like to put them together to make fun of.The total number of my heart feel particularly uncomfortable.    Sometimes, she would take me shopping with her boyfriend.I was holding her hand, I always felt heart palpitations.Her boyfriend is a very high-handed person, uncompromising, people may not be the slightest rebuttal.Eqian to be outdone.Sometimes two people walking on the street for no reason will be falling out.Finally, always with her friend stormed out in the end.Thus, the more I hate him.Aqian will silently weeping in front of me.    One day, I went to the front, she said, summer is coming, I want parents to return home to go, might take a long time to meet.I hugged me and said, okay, I’ll wait for you.I smell the scent of her body incense.    When summer vacation, I took it back to the country the blue umbrella.Rural life is colorful, I followed the country partners to climb trees, or to dry up the river to catch fish.That summer the weather was so good, a whole over the next few months no rain, drizzle in addition to a few games does not amount to anything.The blue umbrella that did not come in handy, but I remembered the moment in the city Aqian.    Summer hastily had finished, I told my parents went back to town.A few days later, the school reopened.Embroidery is the first thing I went to the door.A Qian saw I was pleasantly surprised inexplicable, grabbed me straight smile.But I found that a few months no, her gaunt lot, a preoccupied look.She said, I have finally come to you.    Hey I laugh.But she made me the following words immediately restrained smile.She said, if you come back a few days Zaichi see me, because I’m leaving here.I am puzzled and asked, why did you leave here ah?She looked over to, I can still see her tears silently slipped.She said children will not understand you.He do not want me, I would not stay in this sadly the.I know that “he” referring to her boyfriend.I told her that he do not want you, I want you to, ah, you stay Come.She Hehedixiao, say, but you are so young.I was confused, wondering young age can not be right for you?    After all, I did not keep Aqian.She left that day, the sky just raining, I would hold that to a blue umbrella to send her.She reproach to me that you go to school.I stubbornly shook his head and said, I want to send you away.She was crying.Cry beautiful state.When the train start, I seem to understand that some things will never leave a thing of the past, a terrible pain in my heart, tears streaming down unconsciously.    Since then, I always miss Aqian always carries with it the blue umbrella to school, but I eventually did not keep her only gave me a gift.Day in second grade, my usual umbrella hanging in the back of the classroom.But the class had a naughty boy stepped on it while playing, folding umbrellas, the umbrella becomes unrecognizable.I was really mad, and then he came to blows.The monitor has informed the teacher.    The teacher called the office we go, that’s my first hit anyone, and I have been pressed.I was crying like a Lei Rener like.I still do not understand why in the end my tears to flow.Because by the teacher scolded, or because it felt guilty mind?    Today, I have not seen Eqian, now that she did not know where life, did not know she was living these days.But I believe, Eqian has a kind heart, no matter what the place would be happy to happy.    Wish!