Blue summer

Green bushes banks of the lake is blue sky blue sky far attached, such as burning in the summer noon, except for the occasional faint voice floated from the lake outside the small boat, everything is so be quiet, quiet, quiet.This is the height of summer on the occasion of Xiaoshan Xianghu, my hometown lake.Although, with views of the theory, the narrow Xianghu Lake is far smaller than the Hong big, not as the beautiful West Lake.Especially for the early tour Xianghu of people, if it is in a hurry, but also may not be impressed, but if anyone can slow down the pace a little, bent over, Juyi Peng Xiang lake, it You will find here the clarity of the lake would be so net US.In fact, the camellia is not beautiful Xianghu?Cheng Cheng is not Xianghu water?That a great time on the lake, stagger their feathers, swirls point of water birds that fish are a lengthy Yang Qi slightest ripples on the lake is the clearest, they feel far my people living in Xiaoshan It is more sensitive, more than I know how to enjoy the good times.    Ashamed to say enough, in Xiaoshan life for so many years, and often also walks or boating on the lake with his family in Hunan lake, but I rarely to my friends or clients introduced Xianghu my hometown.Sometimes together with friends, often just as everyone’s topic, tongue in cheek praise what Lake Geneva, Lake Huron, Lake Baikal, Lake Michigan, and so, in fact, I simply will not have been to those lakes, praise them, just to satisfy their own vanity only.    However, Xianghu, whether people appreciated the good, ignore or, she is always so calm, natural, bright, change with the seasons, demonstrating a distinctive four seasons.Xianghu of the seasons, and I especially like the long summer on the occasion of Xianghu, as charming watercolor-like.Especially in the summer afternoon, due to the legitimate hot night, in the jungle Lake Walk, and must not interfere with the hubbub of tourists, which is like meditation me, happens to be the wish of happy hours, I can speak freely leisurely revel in the charm of nature.Well, sometimes it is so simple, just a simple summer afternoon in the quiet, lakeside home in Hunan, in the silence to the contemplative just a few minutes, or take a photo of a narcissistic.Is Oh, why should I want to blindly follow the trend does not aim Scenes?In fact, the scenic waterfront in his body, as my hometown summer afternoon Xianghu.Again, why should I suffer secular interference sigh of happiness often hard to find it?In fact, the happiness index engraved in their hearts, as I shoot this “blue summer” time as silly love.