Blue Lotus Xinyu

Five hundred years ago we missed each other in this life agreed to wait until you meet the mortal world and every leaf of latitude and longitude are written – // you want to have a year-old mark through the window reclining wind, flip – – – Su Xuan filled Acacia I saw, I was pregnant with my intrusion faint hint of what kind of statement will draw you beautiful piece // distant thoughts finally in exchange for this life long love expectations condensed into pieces flower afraid your quiet and pale blue sky waiting for that season gives you the sunset, also shining in your heart that carved blooming flashing my crystal tears and my dreams come true?At the moment it escaped to where // just want to quietly looking, looking at you hear me gently tell bloom in my whole life waiting for you to come in but only // summer went my love never // stop the pool gorgeous bloom beautiful moonlight through the gap you left me staring at you secretly love spread —— // drink, which is offering water out of the window of a pool of moonlight poetry, is offering two first cup of tea cup, pour through the ages to the beautiful legend of the second cup of tea, read the hand you pick up a rhyme lotus fragrance fantasy slender one pair kissed the slightest tenderness // Do not say you have other I just want to pray for you every day I stood watching life on earth in the blue never zero ——–