Blue Ling rescued mind

When big eyes girl Salome children accidentally get a beautiful doll, is happy to take him into his arms, doll suddenly spoke: help me look for it the previous owner?I miss her, she disappeared.Good music doll US children are touched by the truth.She took the doll, destined embarked on a magic journey detective agency Detective Loki.  Detective Loki very famous, everyone says he is a Detective!Just yesterday, Rocky police also cracked with ten one hundred million yuan neither cracked crystal theft!On television, the newspapers, the forest is his news online, which makes the country people know him!And Where to Find Rocky secret only Konami children know because Detective Loki is Konami child’s father!Of course, only Konami children know there is a father talking amethyst.  Konami children soon came to the detective agency where the Rocky.Yo!Baby daughter, which blew in gusts!Rocky says literally.  Dad, I have come to you to borrow amethyst!Le Mei child said sharply.  Rocky has always been very puzzled how low-key music and beauty child suddenly became interested in amethyst, so Konami children to tell him the whole matter.Rocky hear, very sympathetic doll, made an exception to Amethyst lent her daughter, and said: I can lend you the crystal, but crystal being willing to help you, but also on your own!Only the truth can move amethyst, then it will tell you everything you want to know!  Konami children against Crystal tell the truth, even unknowingly tears.That kind-hearted, sincere tears like drops of crystal pearl drops in on Amethyst, amethyst really spoke: good music and beauty child, I am willing to help you!Doll’s owner called Blue Ling, a girl like water.This doll is the Blue Ling’s mother left her the only thing.Her stepmother’s daughter, is the Blue Ling’s sister red bell because of jealousy Blue Ling beauty, to sell his soul to the devil, he has been the most evil, supernatural tarot king-given beauty and ageless face, but she would not give up, and with the summoning summoned blue Ling, locked her in blue fountain of youth, so she never suffered the fish biting and spring water immersion, but can not move.To save her you have to hit the mountain with pure hell to truth, goodness Chixin stone goes big, evil Tarot.I was Chixin stone, you take it!  Konami children bid farewell to the father, and bring Chixin Stone Mountain dolls come hell, and she saw a very great evil Tarot.Tarot goes on while the body is bathed in blood red smoke.Konami children so surprised that such a big mountain in addition to the Tarot actually barren!This also goes Tarot array of blood-red smoke looming, it is particularly mysterious.  Konami children closer, shocked: there are as many thousands of puppets, the puppets are each twisted faces on that tarot cards, showing a very painful expression!The above is also bathed in a layer of scarlet blood, as if one is blooming Mansfield sand China.Konami children terrified!All of a sudden Chixin stone thrown into the Tarot!  Rip!After a loud cracking sound, tarot broken, burning up all of a sudden.Soon changed into a pile of black foam, the puppet it is a free spirit!  Blue Ling’s sister red bell due to the evil soul too, was swallowed by the dark forces, together buried in the ground up.Blue Ling also SALOME children rescued!Everything has returned to normal!  Konami just forget that children also say that living doll.