Blue Ling poetry collection

Things hanging bitter edge, a dream career pity, to where soul grievances; heart long, Chu rain, bitter edge to the world since. Xichun dust riding green and come again, all things are the beginning of a new green. Life is fleeting clouds scattered, pity dreams edge Jane treasuring.Rain raving gray sky floating rain, confused heart pain undisciplined. Lili raindrops from heaven, along dream come slowly fate. Italian decadent night with heavy heart, recalled at any time stream; born with love, with tears aspect; where to go tonight, endless night.  Things interspersed with tears time to the east, there is always the heart of Tears.  The boat travel to and from the water, whether in music like tears in.  Gently time dream head head line, the stars deep pain every day.  Letter shallow fog Mengqingyuan hazy, hexyl ask, what went?From here?  Gently return home thinking the night wind, scattered decorated.  Quietly until daylight, lying sleepless night.  Snow Siyun such as yarn, light mask; such as child day, hidden; snow, such as cotton, deep overbite; heart ice, insoluble; meaning water, gradually stream; hardly situation, where find?  That vanish from snow melt in spring overflowing, people such as ants owned street and alleyways.  Remains of the Day Township may refer to the number of multi-pity in the hearts gradually flow.  Round supper sigh sound of firecrackers, fireworks blossoming open.  House lights shining Carnival, snowy that is dissolving.  Window station, the old heart like; never groups, how to round; also cold heart, tears River; forward trace, fear dimension futile.Do not home tonight phase, phase out the night away.  Repeat itself without the worry away from home, the mother worry about how little daughter.  Italian Zhongzhi, heart Ming.Late.Chen language micro towering half of the city in the morning mist, people gradually like a broken beads, quiet song askance ear environment perfectly understand; red light exposed half of his face, a day begins with early morning, when the dream of free cash?  Night quiet night thinking deeply, coldly Italy and sink; the lights dim, star Mirage stacked.  Si mother foreign country alone, the flexion, through tight teeth; parent in an exclusive read, loneliness, with the tears and thinking.  Day ten days the line, gently joy Man heart, Phi dawn, thinking the journey, riding laughter lines; 2nd, the upper reaches of the Yellow River quietly, looking river, read the history of the city, deeply impressed an old saying; three days, step step gradually climbing Li Shan, look at the mountains and see the farm, light is not easy to hold a pen painted scene; four days before the trip on foot West village, the ancient sense of taste, quality antiquity, warm sunlight scattered small villages; five days, driving a long way to mountains Pingyao.The city, tour streets, gently and gradually flow time; six days, today similar to the Royal Academy; Academy of stacked, pleasant scenery, step by step to find meaning everywhere; seven days beginning May twilight half of his face, the whole pack, science instruments, today Meet Taiyuan City!  28, hand in hand with the division in Jinci, listen to ancient events, the body of its territory, the ancient courtyard faint smell deep; 29, do not intend eighty-nine Beijing, Shanxi lines, large Tonggui; with evening thinking mother riding home.  The 10th, teachers and similar amusement caves, Cave Cave fine, Cham everywhere; herein junction line with the 10th.  March winds blow at night and Mongolia yarn month, falling flowers swirling in the night.  HE Sheng days everything in it, the situation is also hard to find also the old days.  Do not love evil waving red ten million days, Menghun pull lock visions study.  Walking even know the beginning of the spring, after all, are intended to bear in its.  Dusk himself go to pieces after all, the evening sky Guying side.  Ruthless like human beings, it is not easy acquaintance Xiangxi.  Forget the sunset has gradually hidden as children, between the waves rolling in heart turn.  Sky that is falling following the return, meaning hard ecstasy that is scattered back.  Touch blood tingling heart marks, tears Grossly things hazy.  Dance spin magic dream, no heart left to see the long-haul.