Blue lake

Blue lake, you are flawless green jade, is the day you Handicraft weaving Choi Jin.Sparkling blue, surrounded by trees, mountains and verdant, egrets tits, spectacular scenery here.  Moonlight shining, blue lake night is so beautiful, so tender, so intoxicating, so people aspire.Stars, twinkling, waterside pavilions and reflection in the lake, such as jasper ups and downs.My thoughts burning like a splendid fireworks here.Blue lake, a projection of my childhood naughty.Blue lake, I saw the teacher affectionate smile.You let me know the confident, strong.You taught me with dark eyes, looking bright, with practical steps to pursue the ideal.You taught me the truth of this tree, the tree people.You taught me with sincere enthusiasm, love yourself, love others.Blue lake, ah, I miss my teacher.After an absence of many years, we meet in Taoyuan.We have already grown up, gray-haired teacher has been.The teacher still kind tender, still full of youthful glory.We walk through the lake to watch the spring sunshine.Lake blue flowers and leaves, fragrant peaches and plums.This is nourishing the lake depends on the ah!  Blue lake calm silence, clean Delicate month.I gently asked loudly, deep blue lake dash?