A bowl of wonton in love

After the collapse of his decadent fallen leaves in the wind.To escape, he put himself Mongolia sleep in pitch darkness every day in the yard.That day, he woke up hungry.A dream that night Tangnong delicious wonton soup blowing in the depths of memory, braved the heat transpiration,.He shouted lover, she wanted to go out and buy a bowl of wonton, can suddenly remembered last night with a lover clothes and jewelry he says Goodbye.He remembered his ex-wife, a dignified and peaceful woman, he had a hard business and social occasions, often late at night to go home, she always made herself a bowl of hot wonton him when supper.Whitening bowl, with fine white gold medals ravioli dough, wrapped in tender and juicy meat, bulging lying in thick white chicken soup, and then a few drops of bright red spicy oil, sprinkle a green parsley, unusual ingredients to become a full taste.He later career success, tempted to have a lover, she filed for divorce, and the other B & B neighbors, and since then no connection.At the moment, he strongly miss her, miss the heart-warming hot bowl of wonton Nuanwei.Hesitant, pick up the phone, send out messages apprehension, how are you doing, want to eat a bowl of wonton soup, everywhere buy.A few minutes later, she received a reply, then come on.He hearts delight.Her kitchen, he stood behind her, watching her patiently thin meat chop the meat, frying pan next to the stew with chicken, Gululu to overflow a room full of aroma.Returning to the smoke flavor made him warm, he gently hugged her waist from behind, I’m sorry, he muttered an apology, face buried in her hair.He felt her body slightly shocked, her head bowed a long time, quite a while gently spit out, went to the living room watching TV now, ravioli soon enough.Retreated to the living room, the kitchen listening to the rhythmic sound of chop meat, is more beautiful than the sounds of nature melody.Taste remains the same, vegetables pork stuffing his sweating forehead eat greedily drank soup, she sat quietly beside watching him eat, eyes full connivance of love.He put down his bowl, sighing contentedly, if’ll have to eat nice day.For his cue, she was silent for a moment, it said, it would have come every day to eat.His heart jump for joy again, it is clear that she still loved him.He hated himself, how had she gone will put.Since then, I cheer him up, find a job as a supermarket supervisor.He is not satisfied, complain to her saying Qucai, she said dismissively, supermarket supervisor pretty good, just divorced, I did it building cleaners.His guilt and my heart, deeply gazed at her, she smiled into the kitchen, he likes to pack shrimp ravioli.Work supermarket tired, came home from work too late, she simply went to his house ready for dinner, so he came back to eat.Remarried idea in his mind, one day stronger than the day.Three months later he was promoted to manager of the supermarket.He carefully selected a necklace, decided to propose to her.Back home, he shouted her name, her hands stained with flour from out of the kitchen, not wait for him to speak, she said, I pack all kinds of stuffed ravioli, they are put in the refrigerator, and later want to eat, cook out on it.He Zhengzhu, what does that mean.She lowered her head, I’m getting married, we know for a long time, he was very nice to me, to take care of you, the wedding has been postponed for four months.Hoarse voice he said, the original, you already have a boyfriend, then why are you still so good to me?She smiled, because I loved you, how can I bear to see you doing well, I treasure I have loved you, and my own have loved.She was gone, he appeared lost, recipes posted on the wall, is made ravioli detailed steps, he watched, tears fell down.