A bowl of mung bean porridge love

He would porridge, will boil very sweet mung bean porridge.She will not porridge, porridge every time that did not boil boil paste.Her stomach is not good, and the body is easy to get angry, often drink green bean soup can warm stomach can reduce anger.When the porridge when she knew he would, he can not help but take an interest.When in love, he was a mouth to feed her porridge, she felt he was creamy and delicious boil porridge, porridge also contains sweetly, she thinks the world is no more palatable than his porridge boil the food.Later, they married.She’s just an insurance salesman, income is not stable.He is just a high school teacher, is a fixed number of monthly wages.A month to the head, he put the entire salary to her, she would give him some money as a petty.She knew he really loved her, every day she comes home, he will put the rice well, sometimes boil her favorite drink mung bean porridge.Although they earn much money, but life is sweet sweet honey.Her work has been less smooth, sometimes for months dragged less than a sum of the insurance, only a few will be pulled when one or two customers, received meager commission, to make her happy for a long time.He did not forget to send her a bowl of bean soup, plus an intimate: you poor health, do not be too tired!Until she met the child right before she turned the corner.Child rights is the general manager of a public company, she was in search of the Yellow Pages to find a phone of this child rights, fight over and over again, and finally he agreed to look at her to sell insurance, about to meet in a cafe.Weighted extraordinary conversation to her left a deep impression, and she’s beautiful, like a beautiful painting to remain in the minds of child rights.Weighted promised her to buy insurance, but the condition is to accompany him at night to attend a business reception.Clothes, her son did not participate in the reception of the right to buy her a.She does not come with the jewelry, the right to give her son borrowed.Even Weighted also gave her a bottle of perfume roses that night, she became the focus of the cocktail party, beautiful, generous, self-confident nature she won a lot of successful men of all ages.She took the opportunity to sell them insurance, they do not know is impressed by her charm, or for the care of the child the right to face, in short, she signed several pen list, she knows she will be able to pick this month to that face small sales red flag.She gave the child the right clothes and jewelry, to thank him.Weighted can say is to thank her because he found one of the best business partners, he admired her confidence and calm, I want her to become assistant general manager, to help him take care of business.To show good faith, the right to ask her son to eat, place set in a large hotel.This is her first time to eat bird’s nest rock candy, soft feel lubrication cool, sweet and pure sweet.Weighted that the role of the bird’s nest in addition to beauty, there Qushu down as.Checkout, she was taken aback bill, and the child was smartly pulled out a credit card right.She did not go to child rights of the company, but learned abilities of the child and the right to a man’s charm made her love has shifted.Although she did not know their results, because the child is the right man at home, but she fell in love with him, maybe the taste of the bird’s nest more than mung bean porridge appetite.She decided to divorce him.That night, a few words into her mouth and swallow.He saw her hesitation, wanted to give her a bowl of mung bean porridge, he did not know she was listening to the grounds for divorce under what kind of mood, so he tears his eyes oozing, mung bean porridge has Aohao!His side to do for her last bowl of bean soup, drink in her mouth even a salty taste.They finally divorced, she was a bit relaxed at the same time, there is a touch of heart pain.Because she thought she was sensible enough to choose the part of love, but to give up the marriage, she thought to find true love, bear the responsibility for their own feelings, but because she did not get the love and feel the happiness and joy.She would like to have more of a mouthful of his drink mung bean porridge to feed her situation, I often think about here, her heart would feel more suffering.Since they separated, she never eaten mung bean porridge.She could not help but start with a mung bean porridge, while she was in tears, while he learned to wash rice, soak, stirring, a little oil, but porridge is too long, she lost patience waiting, finally did not master the heat, the paste or porridge boil.It turned out that a bowl of porridge, a permanent need patience, and turn off the heat at the appropriate time, to proudly scented taste.She finally understood his share of truth, but also know what she wants to get in marriage, but could never get the.