A bowl of egg noodles

Granny Zhang village ebb due to illness paralyzed in bed for many years, in order to give her medical treatment, the family owed a bunch of money.To this end, she nearly seven years late John Wu’s wife wanted to go to the mountain town’s construction team to work.  Zhang Lao Tai his wife had a son, called Hu Cong.Hu Cong bringing up the old married couple with great difficulty, for he also went to college, married a daughter.Who knows, Hu Cong couple is not good for the old couple, very few home throughout the year, especially after Zhanglao paralysis, Hu Cong couple suspected her incontinence dirty, but very few of the parents’ home boarding gate.  That day, Hu Chen-chung mountain to the town to work, and Granny Zhang lying on the kang, think of the filial son and daughter, while he did not feel beat his legs, while weeping said: I deserve all this, it was retribution!  Then, suddenly someone knocked on the door, Granny Zhang put away thoughts, with the skirt to wipe the tears and said: Who?come in!  The door was open, came in a twenty-year-old girl, tall, handsome, dressed very stylish.Granny Zhang Q: girl, you lookin ‘?  The girl said: aunt, I catch tens of miles of road, thirsty, drink in your saliva can discuss it here?  Granny Zhang watching the girl, suddenly had a strange feeling, very kind, but could not say why, difficult to say: girl, you see, I was a paralytic, you go to the kitchen Health fire water bar!  A girl twisting into the kitchen, and soon, her side to a bowl of steaming water, gently blowing.And other cold water almost, she Granny Zhang help up, give her a mouthful of feed.  To be honest, Granny Zhang is really thirsty.Because the old man working in the town, no one at home during the day, in order to reduce excretion, every morning she ate very little food, only water is run Lip.  Granny Zhang eyes moist, I just feel that this girl feed the water very sweet, a saliva sinks, then the whole body fresh.  The last girl to feed a saliva Granny Zhang mouth, and said: Seeing to the point of the meal, your mobility, I went to the kitchen for a bowl of egg noodles you make it?Then, the girl went to the kitchen.  Granny Zhang egg noodles hear three words, I can not help the tears streaming down.  In fact, Granny Zhang also had a daughter, Hu Hui, and his son Hu Cong twins.Available at the age of six, and Hu Hui Hu Cong fell ill at the same time, high fever, the village barefoot doctors can not cure, that they rush to the hospital.  The hospital needs a lot of money, HU Zhen Shan poor family, had to borrow money.  After the village by a circle, HU Zhen Shan Hu Cong sent to the hospital, Hu Hui to stay at home, then went to the next village hired a witch to exorcise home the god of dance.Such a delay a toss, Hu Hui less than three days to die, die very miserable, too uncomfortable, her breasts are small grasping their rotten.  Watching the children of horrors, Granny Zhang pains, holding Hu Hui’s body burst into tears, literally from her arms HU Zhen Shan Hu Hui’s body to rush over, in the ditch outside the village dug a shallow pit, with soil to cover up a little left.  Before Hu Huisheng also like to eat noodles.At that time, the family was poor, eat a few times a year flour, only on holidays, Granny Zhang will scoop out a bowl of flour from the surface of the bag deflated deflated, cook a meal egg noodles.  After the surface well, Hu Hui was delighted dancing feet, clapping hands, face and asked your mother to eat, however, each roll face and eggs and more into her father John Wu and Hu Cong mountain bowl, the mother with her only a small amount of the bowl surface and soups.  Hu Hui young and naive, Hu Cong clamor for a bowl, but it will always be a beating HU Zhen Shan.  Now think of it, Granny Zhang’s heart is still the same pain as the needle.  After some busy, the girls end up a bowl of egg noodles, Granny Zhang eat a mouthful, he started to cry, she was too familiar with this taste.  The year when Hu Hui died, tilted a dry dry, no trace of color little face, and said: Mother, I, I want to eat you do, egg noodles!  Granny Zhang feeling heart would break, she went to the kitchen to make a bowl of tears, ended up in front of Hu Hui.Hu Hui struggling to eat a mouthful, said: Mother, this face, this face so delicious!Then, Hu Hui closed his eyes, tears glistening bunches that flow into the bowl in.  Since then, Zhang Granny saw egg noodles think of Hu Hui, could not help but be sad tears.Therefore, since the death of Hu Hui, Hu Hui anniversary of the death of her only in the day, a bowl of egg noodles, Hu Hui to pay homage to the memory of the crossroads, normally never do.  Granny Zhang wiped tears, said: girl, can ask you something?  The girl said: aunt, although there is anything that you say!  Granny Zhang said: Today is the ninth day of the lunar calendar in July, I was also the anniversary of poor daughter Keiji.Since Anzhe legs and feet had been ill, but also to Xia Buqu.Can I ask you to help Sheng a bowl of noodles, I went to the crossroads that Keiji memorial memorial?  At this point, Hu Chen-chung mountain carrying a bag from the outside back, saw the girl, he at first hesitated, then asked: you are?  The girl said coldly: a passer, thirsty, come to discuss a glass of water!  John Wu Shan Oh sigh, sit Kangbian, Granny Zhang said: Today I’ve invited half a day off, I went papyrus shop, buy some good stuff!Then he opened the bag, took out a few pieces of clothing from the inside made of paper.  Granny Zhang said: Why do you buy this?  John Wu Shan eyes red, said: I go through papyrus shop, to see inside a dead clothes, I think of that year Keiji when he died, and even pieces of decent clothes are not.Today Keiji’s death, I bought two, to burn Keiji go over there so she can share our joy!  John Wu Shan turned over the clothes, goes on to say: Look, colorful, really good-looking!  Granny Zhang had broke down in tears, said: This is your old man dead, patriarchal, and only then to harm her, I hate you said, Mrs Zhang punch to punch hit HU Zhen Shan.  John Wu three hung his head just stood there, his wife’s mood to be more calm, he said: I also hate her, and now if not for you, buy a bottle of pesticide Anjiu drink, to accompany the following daughter gave her cow horses do sin, redemption of I!  Has been standing by, did not speak the girl suddenly burst into tears, Mrs Zhang asked her: the girl, you loud noise?  The girl’s blouse hole slowly unravel, Granny Zhang see uneven scratches on his chest, loss of mouth and shouted: Keiji, you are my Bitter Keiji?!  Girl nodded and said: you do not ask how, I was already dead, how twenty years later returned?  It turned out that year Hu Hui did not die, but only a deep coma.She was thrown into the ditch HU Zhen Dao Cunkou mountain, under the rain, she was a pouring rain, even woke up.  She makes every effort to poke in the face of that thin cover of soil, issued a groan of pain.At this time, there is an ebb village to visit relatives in the old man found her and took her back home, find a doctor for her medical treatment.She slowly better, but amnesia, things in the past that can not remember.  The old man was a bachelor, just like with the same pro daughter of Hu Hui, a year ago, sick old man died.  Because amnesia sake, Hu Hui has not remember everything about the biological parents.Until the other day, she went to a friend’s house guest, a friend’s mother did a bowl of egg noodles, the noodles are Shougan.  She looked at the bowl, sniffing the taste of deja vu, actually all of a sudden remembered the past, I think of her home, her parents, and a child of everything Then, she would find from memory home.  After listening to John Wu Shan Hu Hui, then splash knees, he said: Keiji, father wrong, father kneel to you, I do not beg your pardon, my heart so I can feel better!  Originally, restore memory after Hu Hui, HU Zhen Shan hated to, she could not understand are his flesh and blood, why only save my brother, do not save yourself why a pot of egg noodles, father and brother to eat dry, only yourself and your mother soup However, looking at a full head of white hair HU Zhen Shan, thin body, looked at him to choose their own clothes, Hu Hui heart suddenly soft, tears streaming down does not live up to expectations.  Hu Hui Hu Chen-chung mountain to help them, the family hug together, cried.