A bowl of chicken soup

Bai woman who she is illiterate, was born in Yunnan Erhai side of a poor family.When the slim, met hit him, a suave wealthy son.However, his family is poor, so that the man’s family firmly opposed.Helpless, the couple fly together, to join the revolution.  Married life, sweet and warm, crystal love also have been born.Unfortunately, did not last long, just little daughter was born shortly after the Cultural Revolution swept across the country to spread this remote mountain village.Born landlord family of her husband, although they did join the revolution, but still can not escape the fate of political campaigns.Finally, one night, can not afford endless criticism of her husband, and she dropped four young children, disappeared.  Isolated, she faced the sudden turn of events, all of a sudden Mongolia.Sad, sad, pain, helplessness, loss all is not enough ‘to describe her at the scene.However, life goes on, four young children need her.So she clenched teeth, take out the unique toughness Bai woman, propped up by weak body crumbling home.  At that time, she was only 27 dollars a month in revenue, you want to feed starving children and themselves, is not an easy task.The hardships of life had her playing an agricultural players.Plow, plow, this is a men’s physical work, she good at all, this may be for lack of family man, this is not enough to maintain a person’s normal life.Helpless, her spare time, she took her four children over the mountains, looking for food to feed their families, and one unimaginable bitterness.  But just in such a hard life, but she never complaining, she taught the children thanks to the gift of life and nature.Even their names are not written by her, so with the children, he said: people are poor is not important, it is important to have a backbone.Simple and plain words, let the children know the mother’s heart, and become a beacon in their lives.  In order to improve the lives of the poor, she stocked the small group of chicks in their own backyard.Occasional chicken dinner and the kids became her most sumptuous meal nutrition.However, each time the chicken dinner, she could not bear to eat a good meat.Chicken head, chicken necks, as well as children gnawed chicken bones, is her main course of chicken feast.As for the delicious chicken soup pot, is not even a small mouth are reluctant to drink, she wanted to be left is a long body of the children.  Passion for dance eldest daughter, 13 years old, Xishuangbanna Song and Dance Ensemble was a phase, although she protested, but for 30 dollars per month living allowance, or daughter decided to join ensembles, the mother wanted to share the burden of life.  Then the eldest daughter, is her life is a good helper.Her young age, laundry, cooking, caring for younger siblings, and even the field of farm labor also together with mother.That year, the annual party carrying her 7-year-old sister work the way, the village has also been dubbed: pea beans back.  Her distressed young daughter, the situation at home had to accept her daughter prematurely bear the weight of life, only to a bowl of warm bowl of chicken soup and nutrition, to make up for her daughter’s guilt.13-year-old daughter home from her nest and raise a litter of chicken.Every time my daughter came home, she would happily kill a chicken soup, as usual, a drink, the whole left a daughter.  Her eldest daughter, forgetting to blame.In order to stay slim, become a dancer’s eldest daughter has been for many years do not eat rice, do not eat rice is forgetting she thinks.Blame the same time, but also to understand his daughter for a dance pay, more intentions proudly bowl of delicious chicken soup.  Today, 76 years old, she lives in a new home built by her eldest daughter, living at ease, but still refused to stop.Digging, vegetables, flowers and tree planting, busy enjoying themselves.Of course, ultimately, to get her feeding group of chickens.Among the many talk shows, the famous dancer Yang Liping will casually talk about the mother’s chicken soup, chicken soup and she knew it deep, representing the mother of his lengthy wordless love and care.  Love concentrated in a bowl of chicken soup in a woman’s life can be sublimated in a bowl of chicken soup.Chicken soup mother, strong, simple, and yet so real.