Japanese non-prescription eye drops after transferred with discomfort, careful selection

  Recently, many users said that after Japan with the emergence of dry eyes, itching and other symptoms。 The survey found that three of the most popular foreign visitors eye drops contain tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride oxazoline components, and all at or near the upper limit of the Japanese Industrial Standards。 Experts say: palliative, frequent use can lead to dependence, eye damage!  As shown in Figure 1, if wrong, it will aggravate the disease of the eye。
Need to do is have a full understanding and awareness of their eye diseases, eye drops right choice, I still hope that we can properly protect their eyes, less eye drops。   2, like the eye drops can be used for security Horna eye itching due to seasonal allergic conjunctivitis and the。
Eye pain, eye irritation want to use anti-inflammatory: For many people, such as non Di Jia Bei, etc. can all be effective anti-inflammatory。
You should use anti-inflammatory eye drops, and if there are symptoms of inflammation, in fact, there are many anti-inflammatory eye drops, three, so if the eyes appear allergic phenomenon, the eyes are no exception, use of allergy eye drops in many cases, we will use Beika Ming, has anti-allergic effects of emedastine eye drops and so on, we do not just skin allergy phenomenon occurs, it typically drops mainly used for allergic conjunctivitis。
  Note: It should be noted that if the eye drops within three days of the disease has not improved, then it shows that this is not the choice of eye drops and corresponding disease, this time should change their own instead of eye drops。   Usually to 1, do not use the computer for a long period。
Each computer is generally carried out 1 hour operation, it is necessary to rest 10 minutes。 The rest can be telescopic or do eye exercises, watch the green vegetation conducive to relax the eye muscles。 Point with a can prevent eye dryness to some extent, keep the eyes moist。   2, should be maintained more than 50 cm distance between the eye and the screen, is preferably used depending on the viewing angle of 20 degrees。 For presentation need be entered, the document should be decreased from the computer monitor screen, thus reducing eye fatigue caused by the conversion target stop。   3, when using computers blink, in order to increase secretion of eye lubricants and enzymes, keep the eye moist。
  4, often wash can reduce the radiation damage on the human body。 Computer screen a large number of surface electrostatic charge, easy to gather dust place, the operator's face and hands and other bare, exposed to these pollutants。 Without attention to regular cleaning, the face may appear rash, can cause serious skin pigmentation。 5, drinking green tea every day。
Tea lipopolysaccharide, hemopoietic work can be improved, can enhance the immune ability of the body to reduce the effects of radiation。   6, eat fresh vegetables and fruits, can prevent corneal drying, dry eyes, decreased vision, night blindness and other eye diseases and even。   As shown, if there is eye irritation, after a long rest and not relieved of symptoms 7, you should do immediately to the hospital for medical examination。