A bowl of beef powder

Before 24-year-old Zhang Tianyi decided to open a Changde Noodles in Beijing, have already had a book, or a columnist, had the lecture tour in the country, a group of loyal fans.That year’s college entrance essay, he wrote the classical Chinese as a negative on the news.When he was a sophomore student council give up the opportunity to positive, the founder of a bowl of sky restaurant, opened two stores.Graduated from the outer north, he gave up the security research exchange opportunities abroad in order to obtain a total score of the first graduate of Peking University, climbing Wu teacher is executive vice president, director of the Financial Law Research Center of Peking University.In June 2014, is about to graduate, he has brought together three partners, the World Financial Center in the CBD underground layer of Beijing high cost of land, opened a barberry Church Changde, Hunan beef noodle shop, and declared that we are ” after 90 ‘, with the conscience of intellectuals for their work, in their homes, reducing taste of home.37 square meters of space in the dining outlets in the same layer is very cramped.To ensure quality, they are only a limited supply of 120 bowls of rice a day, want to eat a reservation a day in advance.15:00, well you can see hanging at the entrance of the rice has been sold, welcomed the appointment of the next period of notice boards.Store layout vaguely Japanese-style ramen shop style.Zhang Tianyi very respected Japanese documentary “Sushi God”.Each to a media interview, he repeated once, said he also thought the film sold a lifetime Sushi Jiro Ono as a lifestyle business.Many native Hunan come here, but most unlikely to be delicious with mental.One night, one settled for many years in Beijing, 66-year-old aunt Changde come here, she did not know the reservation, the final arrived, rice has been sold.Aunt left in a hurry, not a moment back, hands, carrying a bowl plane bought from the house next door is not soup, and she let her pour Zhang Tianyi barberry Church soup.She ate, while excited to say that a full 16 years did not eat this hometown flavor.To this taste, Zhang Tianyi and comprehensive cousin almost tasted the rice Changde.Then just past, home of the snow has not melted, cold and wet weather.Brothers street, I want to study with a teacher.Changde Rice Noodles was the largest one being a lack of people, they want into the mix.Recruitment aunt glanced: I’m afraid you did not come to work it?They change strategy: directly to the shop and began to eat, eat and then explained what he wanted.Bosses respond more directly, most of them waved his hand: walk walk, not to not give.Until a little famous noodle shop owner is willing to more experienced, but opening to 600,000 yuan.Two brothers had to continue eating meal a day.After more than one week, and finally there is a noodle shop owner willing to cheap Shoutu.Brothers rejoicing, and soon, “barberry Collection” was born.Now, Mr. Liu Xiao Tong barberry accountant, Song Master is responsible for branding, comprehensive and became responsible for product CPO (chief process officer), is recruited by Zhang Tianyi.Comprehensive had never been to the kitchen, chopping action so far is still very stiff, close to the big band-aid on the wrist.Well, often the.Zhang Tianyi say they earn are really hard-earned money.After barberry hall fire, many investors take the initiative to call to find over, unimaginable to many astronomical.Zhang Tianyi but declined eleven.He wanted very clear, almost take on it, which was almost.He felt that with a religious devotion to the bowl of beef noodles to the extreme is a very idealistic thing is the law.Profit, making money is a byproduct of the law, if a target is set to start off making money, then the result can only ask where obtaining lower.