A bouquet of red roses

25 men to do a minor surgery.25 women came to visit, I found there are a bunch of red roses on the nightstand.Woman was surprised and asked the man: there are people to give you flowers 25 bed man smiled and nodded, pride written on the brow.  What woman does not ask.She also asked to know what to ask out.She even a little happy: someone to give flowers, to explain their man there is a bit taste.  She wanted to know which man to send roses to a woman.  In fact, this is not a bunch of red roses belong to 25, 24 red roses belong to the big boys.The deal was simple gifts 24 is filled with bedside cabinet, there is a girl holding red roses condolence 24, 24 that careless boy, easily put red roses placed in the 25’s nightstand.  This leaves 25 men feel a sense of excitement.Wait until the girl had gone, 25 of 24 men said to the boy: You see, you people send you red roses on my territory, my wife will not come paranoid Yeah 24 bed the boy on the issue while laughing: you are a man a real man, not a man tofu 25 bed man laughed happily.  Women do not know the secret.Woman ever saw the red rose after the child was on the dark Yaoya Gen.Women made up his mind, to figure out who gave the men sent red roses.A man improper officials, and two do not make big money, but how many faces belong to, a loss of drift nothing, how there will be another woman favor  This really makes a woman can not figure out, which really makes effeminate fast enough.  Women want perspicacious, would speed up the frequency to the hospital to visit.Every time a woman, always look for a moment that eloquently bright brilliant bunch of red roses, and then pretend nothing had happened, continued on the new vase water.  24 This time it aside hey laughing.  A woman go, 25 men said to the boy 24: watching my wife silly not stupid, give your roses watered, really dedicated ah.You will find such wives, voluntary labor of love.  24 smiled and said: you do not blow a few times to see you sister-in-law one day, you just want to grab a woman to send roses.  25 The man said: in front of the beautiful lie, women love being silly, silly woman only, only look cute.  So the days went by.  24 The boy recovered and left the hospital.Boy to send red roses girl appeared, at the time of her things, grabbed the girl that bunch of red roses, easily thrown into the trash basket in the doorway.24 boys want to stop the girl, but did not have time.25 man Zhang Zhang mouth, want to cry, oh, oh did not come out.  The two men smiled helplessly.  Women come to visit a man of 25, he found no red roses, asked the men how it  man put the story is very romantic, like a playful child.She listens to a woman, they burst out laughing, tears glistening in the eyes of his mouth.  25 men have recovered and left the hospital.Back home, he first saw the purple bedroom has a bunch of purple roses, roses reflect the man’s face was red.  Man very happy smile.  Men boast silly woman, spend hundreds of dollars to buy a bunch of red roses.One day, the boy saw the man in the street 24, was delighted to take it to a boy.The man said: Hey, my wife, my wife improve the quality of the.  The boy did not get the spirit.He told the man, sending red roses girl had broke up with him.