All investment, in exchange for betrayal

All investment, in exchange for betrayal he is a professional soldier, a soldier in Tibet, we know for a long time, in August this year, I went to Tibet, the way to play, but also the environment where he wanted to look at me the first day he took his pay check over to me, I was really very touched, a man can give a woman a net worth of all, this should mean that he wants to go and take this woman to marry and later in Tibet, I give myself up to him, I was his first love, his thoughts a little stubborn, right, for I am not the kind greetings of the day, I keep telling him to be good to me, love me , with a grateful, humble heart to live in this world, he was on leave from the end of October Tibet came back, but we are in the days of the Cold War, because he is not so good to me, do not touch all day long I, and he came back contact met two women, one in the city where I work, one is in my home city, these are I did not know before, then we reconciled, he and I have in my work place Live together, and hurried inside his house to get married, he has been and I said he had not thought of good, I think he is long lived under that system, social maladjustment, change can not stand the role, I led him good with him more in touch with this community, inclusive of all his problems, he was convinced to never look at his cell phone, but one day I found him with another woman linked, he came to me to explain that night also and the woman live together, the next day the woman is still waiting for him back home, in his words, that if I do not want him, and he went back to the woman to go back to live well.I really do not know how to think these women are, she always knew that I exist and he also tangled. Later, he begged me to forgive in front of me, in front of my family members to lay down their self-esteem explain it, I looked distressed him, give him a chance.He and I have involved economic, but also a friend to help me ideas do him the money, as compensation for the information I saw him after he has contacted the woman, I can not stand completely let it go, (I think the problem for SMS under explain, I did not say things in texts something, say a piece of text messages sent after he was found the next day derailed, then this time I have not done a thing for him is very good, though heart some lumps, but really forgive him, my soft-hearted person, for he can not make any excessive behavior, before and ran to get married so he and some economic exchanges, and later after the separation I beg him to repay the money, but he Do not, I beg him not to sell cars also money) last night he called and cried and begged me not to give him, I cried really hard one night, he still has years to the team, before he I sent a message insulting, really hurt, I would like for him to wait ten years with my best time, but in return he gave me is such a backplane.But in fact, I know he’s not so bad, he and the woman substantive relationship did not happen, but together slept for three days and nights, but I can not stand is that he saw the text message sent to me by someone else to teach me how to do it after (I can not do that) has contacted the woman, and last night he cried and called me to take and I live, I’m really afraid, it is a little fit of his heart, but our reality is we have long separated the two, he and I were together can lie to me and others went to an appointment, so long together, he would not do anything about, I really do not know what to do, listening to him cry the sound of my heart and uncomfortable, so I know he’s not a bad person, you Tucao me, I also ask you to analysis under the current situation, let me make a decision, thank release headlines on author and do not represent today headline position.