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  Ticker April 23, Thunder beat the Lakers at home to 101-96, chasing the score 1-2。   Kevin – Durant as the Thunder scored 29 points and 19 rebounds, Russell – Westbrook 27 points and eight rebounds, – Harden had 18 points。   - Kobe Bryant shot 10 of 29, scored 24 points and 8 assists, Derek – Fisher pointers 5 from 4, scored 17 points, Paul – Gasol 17 points, 15 rebounds and 6 assists, Andrew – Andrew Bynum 13 points and seven rebounds, Ron – Ron Artest 11 points。   When the Thunder last season, start with 3 wins and 29 negative bad record, no one would dare imagine the playoffs will soon come to Oklahoma City。 But the playoffs came really quickly, Thunder coach Si Tete – Brooks led down to the end of April。   Although the Thunder lost the first two games, but fought doggedly defending champion Lakers have tasted the bitterness。 Today, back home, the Thunder still played very tough。
  After the opening, the Lakers head start, play a wave of 10-0。
Artest and Kobe Bryant have steals succeeded, the Thunder played a surprise。
After the first section played nearly three minutes before the Thunder scored the first breakthrough by the Green。 When the first section there are 2 minutes 34 seconds, leading the Lakers to 27-16, but then they failed to score in this section, the Thunder scored six points, chasing the score 22-27。
  Bryant affected finger injury, several close shots failed to hit。
Section 5 minutes and 15 seconds there, he was bad, Westbrook fast-break layup, Bryant was irritated, shot fired back immediately in the third line。 Within 1 minute 26 seconds, Bryant 3 3-pointers, the advantage remains Lakers 45-39。
This section there are 1 minute 48 seconds, Fisher foul, three free throws in the third line of the three, this is the audience for the first time the Lakers free throws。 Lakers 19 first half three-pointers shot 7 free throws but only 3 times to lead 50-43。   After Bryant hit two consecutive shots, the Lakers to 56-47 lead in the third quarter to。 Nenad Krstic also to a ball, Saffo Rosa third hit, thunder began to fight back。
After this section there are seconds, Durant and Harden hit a record three successive, to tie the Thunder 74-74。
Gasol throws a ball, the Lakers only 1 point advantage into the final section。
  Thunder began to play their speed advantage, after Ibaka scored four points, Thunder to 78-75 beyond。
The Lakers finally chasing the score 80-80, but Durant hit consecutive shots, led his unit to play a wave of 8-2 to 88-82 lead in the game there are 5 minutes 12 seconds。 In this wave of attacks Durant scored six points, he gave Bryant a note blocks, then Bryant succeeded singles。   After a pause, Bryant still shot, but Durant once again succeeded in the cast, extended the advantage to eight points。
Derek Fisher hit a record one-third, it stopped the offensive Thunder。 Odom still in the game two minutes hit third, the Lakers will recover as the score 90-93, but Westbrook even vote with a penalty scored three points, the Thunder continue to maintain our edge。   Seconds before the whistle, Bryant break layup, chasing the score 96-98。 Durant hit two free throws, the Thunder for 4-point advantage。 After the Lakers not in the third, lost the opportunity。   [] [] [] [] []。