After brushing also bad breath, it was actually to blame!

After brushing also bad breath, it was actually to blame!By pressing the blue word free subscription!  Before reading this article, you first click on the blue font point below the title of my knowledge and then click on attention, so that you can continue to receive the excellent article for free.Every day Share.Totally free subscription, please rest assured concern.Brushing can remove some bad breath, by rubbing the bristles and teeth, remove plaque and bacteria on the teeth, food, etc., which play a role to clean the mouth and breath.But also bad breath after brushing your teeth, then it may be a factor in the following areas.1, because food is food produced breath, after brushing, on the one hand it can lead to eating again generated tone, on the other side after digestion will produce gas in the stomach of food, carrying food odors, resulting in bad breath.  After eating again, there will be food debris in the mouth, these residues to oral bacteria provides the conditions, especially the residual sugar, is the best nutrition of bacteria.  Eat some foods containing sulfur, such as leeks, sprout, garlic, onions, etc., these foods will be digested in the stomach when the smell, even though there will be brushing breath, digest food until the end, the tone will be mitigated.  2, oral diseases are the cause of bad breath oral disease produced, such as periodontitis patients, the periodontal pocket suppurative inflammation occur, resulting in saliva also contains pus, can also occur even if the tooth brush halitosis.And if not through dental caries treatment, which will hide food scraps, can not even brush your teeth clean and remove the same bad breath.3, dentures dentures said here not only refers to old dentures, porcelain teeth can also cause bad breath.Dentures clean is not clean, and tooth contact surfaces have food residue, which can cause bad breath in.The porcelain dental crown if combined with bad secret, also have bad breath and dental diseases.4, gastrointestinal disease, gastrointestinal disease an important factor leading to bad breath hair, first of all large stomach fire, stomach, etc. can lead to bad breath.Excessive stomach fire would cause indigestion, bad breath generating substances, such as hydrogen sulfide and indole.The stomach suffering from a disease, such as chronic gastritis, gastric ulcer, etc., these diseases also cause bad breath odor appears acid.  Furthermore, enteric disease is a factor in the occurrence of bad breath, such as constipation, dry stool, stool and the like drink less water intestinal peristalsis slowly, after several fermentation of manure, and other ammonia generating cure, is formed by the release of oral halitosis.  5, respiratory diseases caused by bad breath for a lot of people wondering respiratory disease, in fact, this is often the case and present.  Our nose, throat, tonsils and upper respiratory tract belong to the organization, when the disease appears as suffering from sinusitis, throat even when cold, secrete large amounts of mucus contains protein, forming a nose or sputum.The mucus adheres to the rear portion of the tongue or oral, protein degradation occurs taste corruption, from bad breath.  6, lack of vitamin vitamin deficiency can also lead to bad breath, lack of vitamin B group elements can cause oral allergy, sore gums, mouth ulcers and mouth disease go far, so bad breath.  The lack of vitamin C ^ is likely there will be sore gums and bad breath, while vitamin?The deficiency can lead to periodontal disease and mucosal disease.Further, the lack of zinc can lead to mouth ulcers do not heal, persistent bad breath.  7, bad breath have other physical ailments of only 7 oral problems, other physical aspects of the disease appear, it will also lead to bad breath.First of all, every age women are prone to bad breath.Adolescent girls because of ovarian dysfunction, endocrine disorders bad breath; menopausal women will because irregular menstruation, mood swings, decreased immunity, and this will lead to endocrine disorders.Copyrighted by the original creator of all, if infringement please contact!Press dimensional code, the two-dimensional code recognition Follow FIG favorite dress with ID: dp5675 ▲ long code identification according to the two-dimensional.About attention: third appearance; seven dress, with skills and share information with, the latest and most fashionable trend information!Create unique new fashion.Click below to focus on the word, teach your children wear clothing with a fashion range!  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