About famously civilized manners

About civilized manners of civilized manners famous quote about 1, at Jen’s hair naturally love.Zhu Xi 2, rude ignorant bastard.Butler 3, the world’s cheapest, but also can get a maximum benefit of the material is courtesy.Napoleon Hill 4, conscious mind is the mother of progress, from cheap heart is the source of the fallen, so consciously not do without, from cheap is not there. 5 fen, a person who observe the activity on the street, I believe, he will find the most pleasant expression in hearse.Jos Swift 6, courtesy of the wind bring civilization for everyone, warm and happy.Donovan Pierre 7, Germany must be reported, not hatred resentment.Zhao Qian 8, disrespectful of others, is also self-disrespect.Old Tang 9, good manners are composed of tiny sacrifices.Emerson 10, aggressive speech, not necessarily justified. Sadi 11, should be enthusiastically committed to act according to moral, rather than talk about morality.() 12 Democritus, With well-intentioned people, it is not difficult to express his politeness of the people.Law 13 Rousseau, let, Germany, the Lord, make of that Itoku.Zuo 14, is the courtesy should be especially careful to cultivate the habit of children and young people first issue. John Locke 15, the ceremony to righteousness, justice in order to make a profit, the people, the government also large section.Zuo 16, one of the most sad thing without too much conscience Simie. Guo 17, good air welcome people, as close as brothers; foul smells welcome persons, damage in Ge Bing. Guan 18, politeness can often replace most noble feelings. Merimee 19, I am convinced that only a moral citizen in order to be acceptable to extend my salute to their homeland. Rousseau, 20, who let the real ceremony also.Zhu Xi 21, human face has never looked so secular funeral in 乔艾琪渥斯 22, food and clothing to people’s livelihood thick, propriety in order to raise its heart.Xu Yuan Heng 23, by human conscience is all the knowledge and way of life to decide. Mark 24, is in his manners above all other kinds of virtues add a layer of embellishments, so that they have utility for him, to get close to him and all people of goodwill and respect for him.Locke 25, luxury always followed fornication, immorality always followed by luxury. Montesquieu 26, Lover, human constant love; respect others, were constant Jingzhi.  27, Road to sue Germany, together with propriety.28 The Analects of Confucius, Li who is also extremely humane.Zi 29, the reason why your mortal in those animals to be polite.”Spring and Autumn Annals,” 30, learned in the text, about the propriety.Confucius 31, life is short, but nevertheless, people still have time to pay attention to etiquette Emerson, 32, who is courteous security, insulting the crisis.”Book of Rites” 33, people become knowledge elegant, and communicative people become perfect.[US] Joe.34 Fuller, believing Ren Yan.35 The Analects of Confucius, virtue and keep to the majority of Christine’s glory.  36, the gentleman has been good, but also musicians do good.Book 37, with the utmost civility at no cost, worth more than what.Spain.Cervantes 38, politeness is the easiest thing to do, is the most precious thing. Gangcha Er 39, there are two peace of violence, that is the law and polite.German Goethe 40, see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil action.41 Confucius, respect for human Li Mo sit back Mo Cizuo people.No easy squat, bench people are angry.And respect for people and Jiuchi, that decline MO.Of the less convenient, Mo removal of harmony.Tang Wang Fanzhi 42, as people can not live like animals, we should pursue knowledge and virtue.Dante 43, line a good thing, mind calm; a line Daishi, ashamed and quilt shadow. God Han light 44 to love our own loved one is doing.Ren Zhang carrier 45, only the person may be wider width, only a thickness thereof can be contained.The gentleman to Virtuous.Yizhuan 46, courteous, everyone welcome.Thomas.Ford, 47, courteous demeanor, mainly self-restraint performance.US Edison 48, not to small evil to do this, not to be good rather than.Weixian but Germany can be served in person. Liu Bei, 49, FELL was born rich, stealing from the poor to.HW 50 characters, the placement rule the people, Mok good at ceremony.Book of Filial Piety 51, Sean country, the country will prosper, Sean home is big, the body repair itself courteous, polite heart of the heart of Thailand.Yan Qing Yuan 52, Eli, do not jump to say that people, without any hesitation fee.  53, benevolent, Benevolence.Only good people can be benevolent, to the wicked.Kejifuli benevolence, Kejifuli day, the world Qui Nhon Yan.  54, it is a treasure of spiritual virtues, but it is glorious to give birth to good manners.55 John Locke, sincere temperature, gas and speech Wan, will be able moving.[Ming] Xue propaganda “On the record book,” 56, who defend the moral, the faithful Walker, who cherish the name of the festival.  57, not Miller, not to stand.58 Confucius, who is not born rude, rude is not a thing, not the country rather rude.59 Zi, respect others, were constant Jingzhi; Lover, who love constant.Mencius 60, people should be out on the wisdom of excluded, morally should be innocent, the body should be clean. Chekhov 61, politeness is the educated people of the Second Sun.Heraclitus 62, etiquette is a subtle thing, it is both essential to human communication, but also not be too care about.Bacon 63, a man of courtesy, that lights up his face portrait mirror.Goethe 64, and goodness Pre, evil then go.  65, courtesy is the golden key to human coexistence. Songsuneiji 66, who live frugally on weekdays, when the poor are likely to ride out the storm; who in the abundance of luxury, while the poor will die of hunger and cold. Sadi 67, static to self-cultivation, frugal and Germany to support.Zhuge Liang 68, bees sip honey from flowers, leaving the camp thanks.The gaudy butterfly is sure that the flowers owe thanks to him the. Tagore 69, courtesy of a desire to reclaim the respect polite.Planet Gift book gift gifts business gifts conference gifts.Farah Roche Foucault good 70, every dollar of, and accommodating.Dime evil, as advised Jun Mo. Tanglv rock “to persuade the world” 71, Dehou who streamer, Debo’s flow humble.  72, life is the most important thing is polite, it is more important than the highest wisdom than all the knowledge.73 Russian Herzen, humor is a sense of superiority on intelligence, education and ethical performance.Engels, 74, for your sincerity of the gentleman.Book 75, who can not stand rude, rude not matter, rude restless country.76 Zi, courtesy like an air cushion, which is nothing, but it can wonderfully reduce turbulence.Johnson, 77, on the feast of appetizers most people is the owner of etiquette.Shakespeare, 78, husband a gentleman of the line, static to self-cultivation, frugal and Germany to support non-indifferent to Ming, non-quiet no to Zhiyuan. Zhuge Liang 79, Politeness is not always a sign of wisdom, but it always leaves the suspicion of folly.Landauer 80, benefits are smart people who want to come out a strategy to keep distance from the fool.Emerson 81, etiquette week Almighty to remain silent.Joubert 82, Honesty and Honor, the country’s four-dimensional, four-dimensional atelectasis, the country is destroyed.”Pipe” 83, once learned the language of the eyes, facial expression changes will be unlimited.Tagore 84, people will know the body and then to know love, you know love the body and then to know love, know love and then to know the world security.  85, Christine ceremony near, far too shame.Christine is not humiliated.The Analects 86, courtesy of the polite people joy, but also to those who treat each other with courtesy by the people of the joy of the people. Montesquieu 87, will not arrogance, arrogance is rude, rude people away from it, all the people from the rebel.Zhuge Liang 88, if the ritual is higher than our moon, the result will lose people’s trust and sincere Bacon 89, the virtuous person to me also, not forget also; for I virtuous people, should not forget to also.  90, the soil may help the city walls, the thick Jide. Li Bai, 91, courtesy and politeness is a leading recommendation Quartet.Spain Queen Elizabeth 92, held a grand funeral, not so much mourning the dead, as it is to satisfy the vanity of the living La Rochefoucauld 93, there is an inherent politeness, which is linked with love: it will produce the most pleasing in appearance polite behavior.Goethe, in the interaction between people, the more thoughtful the more ceremonial Insurance.[English] care.Carlisle 94, does not respect the position of suffering, suffering from virtue not worship; Lu of disgraced no partner, and not shame wisdom Bo. Zhang Heng, 95, is one of the most valued privilege, the privilege even if it is presided over funeral.詹拉洛威尔 96, Eli, was also the day, people trip also.Zuo 97, the ceremony, the State, given the boat, the people who order, Lee heirs.Zuo 98, we should pay attention to his words do not have to hurt other comrades, however, when people use language to hurt themselves, but also should withstand. Liu Shaoqi celebrity quotes about etiquette job interview Raiders: dress and etiquette in the workplace dealings phone etiquette description aphorisms reading of 1, people are living, the book is dead.The living dead reading a book, you can put the chance to read live.The chance to read the living dead, dead people can be read.  2, Guomuchengsong to be able to read, most are of no use.Zheng Banqiao 3, all stand again read the language must be worth thinking about again.  4, second only to choose good friends, is to choose a good book.Calder 5, to love the book, it will make your life easier; it will be friendly to help you understand complex ideas, feelings and events; it will teach you to respect others and yourself; it loves the world, love for humanity emotional and spiritual wisdom to inspire.”Gorky on Youth” 6, a love of the book, he certainly will not lack a loyal friend, a good teacher, a loving companion, a gifted wan consolation.After superficial ignorance appear before the necessary conditions, and then follow the erudite ignorance in knowledge: Isaac Barrow 7, there are two different types of ignorance.  8, if you are well aware of the word you want, you can them handy.  9, greatest knowledge of the people and the greatest enthusiasm tension requirements.Pavlov 10, a successful scientist is often interested in a wide range of people, their creative spirit from their erudition.A new book like a ship to take us from a narrow place, off towards the infinite life of the vast ocean.Keller 11, book mountain road to, learning is endless suffering for the boat.  12, if knowledge is not growing daily, will continue to decrease.() 13, a long product taste, long may be tired; taste of reading, the longer the deeper.Cheng Yi 14, the author may not be able to write to the old, but he must be old to learn.  15, the same reading, like mining, Shalitaojin.Zhao Shuli 16, stepped up learning to seize the center, rather fine not to complex, multi-do rather special.”Selected Works of Zhou Enlai” 17 Books are the ladder of human progress.  18, the number is not important knowledge, but the quality of knowledge, some people know a lot, but do not know the most useful thing.Tolstoy 19, the book is consolation in the face of adversity.  Reading inspirational aphorisms hard to study the famous aphorism on reading the Analects famous classic famous aphorism 1, Germany not alone, there must be o.”The Analects of Confucius Liren” 2, a gentleman without seeking food to eat, living without seeking security, sensitive to things and cautious in speech, but there are positive Yan Road, has also been described as eager to learn.”Analects and” 3, does not suffer from known person, I do not know people are suffering.”Analects” 4, sub-called “Shao”: to do good men, and make the United States carry on.”Analects eight yi” (perfect) 5, have behaved, not to impose on.”Analects, XII” 6, without changing over, that is has too.”The Analects of Confucius Duke Ling of Wei” 7, strenuously forget food, music sorrows, I wonder if old age is coming on.”Analects described the” 8, army may Fatal, man can not demoralizing.”The Analects Zi Han” 9, those who know the music of water, benevolent Leshan.The wise dynamic, static benevolent.Those who know music, benevolent life.”The Analects of Confucius Yong” 10, trying to be clever, fresh carry benevolence.”The Analects” 11, emulate Yan, see not virtuous but also within introspection.”The Analects of Confucius Liren” 12, gentleman is open and pessimistic.”Analects described the” 13, small gentleman not known but may also greatly, greatly villain not known but may be small.”The Analects of Confucius Duke Ling of Wei” 14, since ancient times, has died, people are trustworthy.”Analects, XII” 15, gentle, and a gentleman.”The Analects of Confucius Yong” 16, not in its place, not their government.”The Analects of Confucius Tabor” 17 lifts gentleman not to the words, not the people reject an.”The Analects of Confucius Duke Ling of Wei” 18, beneficiaries three friends: Friends of the straight, Youliang, Friends of Tamon.”The Analects of Confucius Jishi” 19, superior man justice, small man knows what is right.”The Analects of Confucius Liren” 20, is not a gentleman.”The Analects of Confucius as the government” 21, those who know perplexed, benevolent not worry, brave fear.”The Analects Zi Han” 22, ancient scholars for himself (so-called for Oneself), this man of scholars.”The Analects of Confucius constitutional question” 23, to see justice is not lack courage.Withered also “The Analects of Confucius as the government” 24, the cold of winter, then known pine After.”The Analects Zi Han” 25, Xiaodi (t ti) also, its for the benevolence of this with.”The Analects” 26, Reviewing the Old, can serve as a teacher.”The Analects of Confucius as the government” (refresher) 27, hear the Tao, Xi die without regret.”The Analects of Confucius Liren” 28, I three times daily: people seek and disloyalty?Letter almost contacts with friends?Pass was not a peace?”The Analects” 29 name is not correct, the words ring true; words ring true, then nothing will be accomplished.”Analects, XIII” 30, people without faith, I wonder, could it.”The Analects of Confucius as the government” 31, Gongzi thick and thin responsible for others, is much resentment carry on.”The Analects of Confucius constitutional question” 32, Learning While Learning, not a pleasure?Have friends come from afar?Is it not resentful, is also not a gentleman?”Analects and” 33, also too, see the everyone; more also, everyone of Yang.”The Analects Zi Zhang” 34, its body is not to make the trip; its body is not correct, although that is not from.”Analects, XIII” 35, my five and ten on learning, thirty, forty, perplexed, 50 to know your destiny sixty my ear, seventy I act, not exceeding away.”The Analects of Confucius as the government” 36, to those who can not bridge, and to those who still can recover.”Analects XVIII,” 37, no anger does not start, no Determined to Learn; does not react to give a corner Misumi, not too complex.”Analects described the” (by analogy) 38, and those who know not as good, good and those who were not as good as the music of.”The Analects of Confucius Yong” 39, no scarcity but uneven, do not worry about poverty, suffering from anxiety.”The Analects of Confucius Jishi” 40, we must first of its profits.”The Analects of Confucius Duke Ling of Wei” 41, doing my part in the division.”The Analects of Confucius Duke Ling of Wei” 42, no haste makes waste, not see a small profit.Haste makes waste, see the event is not a small profit.”Analects, XIII” 43, Learning without thought is labor lost, thought without learning is perilous.”The Analects of Confucius as the government” 44, know as know, I do not know as I do not know, that is knowledge.”The Analects of Confucius as the government” 45, a gentleman oblige, not adult evil.”Analects, XII” 46, unjust and rich and expensive, to me as a cloud.”Analects described the” 47 persons can not not Hony, long way to go.”The Analects of Confucius Tabor” 48, Yuli written for the people, seeks to reach people.”The Analects of Confucius Yong” 49, Ren-Yuan Talking?I want to Jen, Si Ren Zhiyi “The Analects of Confucius described the” 50, high ideals, no harm benevolence to survive, have to pay the price for killing.”Analects Duke Ling of Wei” (Shashenchengren) 51, K gentleman does not heavy, solid not learn.Main faithful.No better to have friends who do not fear change over the.”The Analects” The Analects of Confucius in the Analects classic quotes famous aphorism aphorism Analects of Confucius Analects famous aphorism excerpt