(Boss must-read) the profits of the war!The small company, the customers do

(Boss must-read) the profits of the war!The small company, the bigger the customer base to provide customer value based on the price competition will have a positive effect.      To do business is small, do light can be focused energy, to achieve long-term development and breakthroughs in the field of their expertise; customer and market-oriented, can allow enterprises to get rid of cost management and price competition plight and establish a competency-based long-term competitiveness force.   Large group of remorse – by the full selection strategy designed to have a large group of central enterprises have subsidiaries 3000, but 90% of the profits from the two financial aspects of business: Banking and Securities.Group leaders worried and said, if I had the courage to give up as the company can be like Vanke, specialized finance and real estate and strengthen the two industries, today will surely become the most profitable company.But because the original leaders of the group always feels its prospects for the development of various sectors of the business are good, to see which can not bear to let go, only now and no remorse.      Tandaqiuquan Chinese enterprises the most common phenomenon, the reason lies in looking for opportunities to be able to do it, what to do to make money.As everyone knows, as market competition intensifies, with room to grow first-mover advantage and exhausted, companies will begin to decline, this is the dilemma faced by many companies.In the current market environment, the boss should learn to do small business, so refined, and their areas of expertise specializes unswervingly continue.      So, for the boss, how can the small company, doing light?Here are some suggestions for your reference.   Recommendation 1: re-qualified personnel, asset-light the real talent of Chinese companies are rare, many employers prefer to buy a machine heap out of 10 million in the factory, do not want a year out of money expert consultants.This is typical of the serious illness suffered heavy assets, light talent.Moreover, many companies prefer obedient employees, because they think this person is suitable corporate culture, co-owner of appetite, and really capable people are often forced to go.      The boss of assets to overcome complex, timely dispose of assets does not meet the company’s direction, the use of light asset management, and gradually improve asset utilization.While strengthening the value analysis staff, rather than with individual preferences determine the quality of staff.      Recommendation II: Heavy efficiency, light scale Chinese people is the most important scale, look at the line and not the company, first look at the size of large and small companies.In fact, most of the future enterprises will be small, but it must be small in order to survive than large companies in the high efficiency the job, or can only be eliminated big business.For example, you are doing better than large companies in the service a little, a little faster speed, lower price point, the United States and packaging a little, use a little convenient, a little more human oriented, the only way your small business will survive a little better.      Recommendation III: heavy customers, sales of light there was the production of automatic doors do entrepreneurs find my friends, the recent automatic door industry into a price war crisis, he fret for that matter: price war followed, will give up profits; not followed by the price war, sales will be dropped.      I asked him: Do you have confidence in their products do?      He replied: Our quality is the best in China, you can go to compete with foreign brands.      I replied with a smile: Why not put a product out to show it?To achieve a strong competitive position, it should be up to the value of their products to show up.      Do not compete on price, to compete on value.Providing customers with total solutions, not just programs that part of you.We accept every business orders, the first thing to be clear: the enterprise customer is limited, the number of products is limited, we can predict its limited nature, to earn money do know the answer.This requires corporate management must do valuable to clearly understand the purpose of business, in the end is based on cost considerations or considerations based on value.      Recommendation IV: heavy market, some say light production, product quality is the life, although some truth, obviously, this is a product of the times thinking production concept.The modern era, the lifeblood of enterprises not in production but in the market, that customer.Unfortunately, many domestic enterprises lack of professionals specializing in market and industry, on which product entirely based on personal experience and intuition boss.To a certain scale enterprises must be based on market and customer-oriented, so as to maintain long-term competitiveness.   Source: Sohu; involving copyright, please inform, we remain neutral on the text view, for reference, the purpose of the exchange of.    Employees want a stable, self-motivated, high loyalty is necessary to understand what employees need.Only selfish meet the staff, the staff will satisfy your selfish, so: 1, through well-designed cents mechanism that allows employees to earn money through the efforts of a unified stance; 2, to create a comprehensive internal training system to meet the staff of the It needs to grow; 3, the most important need to have good mechanisms for staff promotion, career planning, organization structure to meet the needs of employees in their future..As long as these three points, the staff will be self-motivated, working night and day, which is what you want it?    Come in January 2018, held 4-7 May 81st Suzhou, “president of business thinking” course site!    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