Impression of Jiuqu River

On the floor, he finally refused to go downstairs again. As soon as he went up and down, sweat soaked through his hair.   The wounds of the seventh floor, the seventh floor that can’t afford to be injured, no longer have the mood to look beyond the window after the fatigue of the boat and car..   Opening the long-neglected calendar is the second day of work, so when is the day of going up and down?.   I like to watch the flowers fall on Zixi, but what I hear is the tireless roar of the train outside Ximen. The dream of a sleepy lunch break was so innocently broken in the roar of the train.   There is no rainy Ziyang, I crave the cool air of the wind and take a bus with two yuan, but I can’t see the air conditioner braving the chill when I see the big open window, and the smell of powder is free in the hot air.. There are many stations, but the distance between them is very short. Ziyang sister with long hair and waist on the platform is like a string of clever commas, connecting the hot Ziyang city vividly and gently..   Ziyang, taking a nap, can’t silence my hot and dry feelings. The wrinkled big ye enthusiastically sold me homemade plantain fans. In the days when air conditioning was prevalent, those fans that exuded the fragrance of nature only survived in my memory that wasn’t too long ago..   I couldn’t brush back those old memories. I carefully chose a fan with a red border on its handle and walked all the way from the mouth of Shi Yan to Ximen Caishi. The hot wind swept past the spire of the font library mountain, taking my wavering thoughts and skimming through the memory of Ziyang City..   In the gray image, the past lives of Jiuqu River is still free at the Erli Bridge in the south of the city. It seems that there are still two sparrows standing on the pole of the pole with their feathers scattered in each other..   According to the old Ziyang people, the Jiuqu River used to be called Huang Yue Creek. Huang Yue, who can’t be caught by the green hook dolls, is always hidden on the grassy shore..   Or burn or fry, or bubble pepper or steamed, or send or sell, different tastes will always have a different fate. It is said that Confucius once used the water of the Nine Songs to visit brew tea, a peach blossom on the bank, a stream of clear water and a piano and bamboo sound when he visited Xianghong, leaving only a period of elegance..   The jiuqu river is no longer two miles south of the city when you look at the gentle wave of the blue sail.. In the shade of the shore, there was a cool breeze mat. Although Ziyang has been here several times before, he is still not very familiar with the Jiuqu River..   Standing at Ximen Bridge, watching egrets fly and catkins float in the sky, one’s mania and heat is lost between the blue waves nestled in the mountains and waters..   Ziyang is a city with a story. The Jiuqu River is the mirror she held for tens of thousands of years, listening to the horseshoe sound on the green flag beside the river, and through tens of thousands of years of wind and rain, she can vaguely see the busy figure of the ancestors of Shu people, or making notes with ropes or drilling wood for fire, or drinking the cool Jiuqu River with a stone basin..   The sound of the three sages is especially strong, and the four heroes are in a hurry.   If you think about the place called Keelung Mouth in Lujiazhen, it will be a beautiful thing to drink with the ancient Ziyang people, Xianghong, Confucius and Sanxian after more than a hundred miles of twists and turns..   On the bank of weeping willows, a small boat glided across the river, and the beauty of the flute on the boat invited me to swim with it. It was not the old friend but it was better than the old friend. Ziyang’s good performance left some people feeling out of control..   Thought for a moment, or politely refused, I really can’t bear to destroy the dream scene like a poem like a drawing, Ziyang’s wonderful, just at this moment of smile, all show no doubt.   The canoe was far away, the jiuqu river was bent and looked trance, but forgot to leave.     Building, still have to, that’s the home where the heart is placed after work.     I also want to use that long-standing pen to remove floating dust and write down the prosperity of Jiuqu River..