I miss old movies

I haven’t seen a movie for n years. The last time I remember watching a movie was a few years ago, Zhang Yimou’s participation in the city was full of golden rules..     When I was young, I saw countless movies. It can be said that watching movies runs through my whole childhood and boyhood and brings me endless happiness.. Whether it’s in the open playground or in the cinema, whether it’s standing or sitting, whether it’s cartoons or feature films, my interest in watching movies has never diminished. Watching movies has become the greatest joy of my childhood.. At that time, movie tickets were very cheap, not as expensive as they are now, with tens of yuan or even hundreds of yuan. Watching a movie became a luxury consumption, and there were so many so-called high-tech things in the movie that everything could come out of the famous image processing software. All of them were like Superman, too far away from real life, perhaps because their understanding ability was limited. I sometimes lost track of the tens of millions of movies and did not know what to do. Therefore, watching a movie now is no longer the happiness I expected..     I still miss the movies I saw in my childhood. The title itself alone evokes imagination and is full of poetry, such as ” Will Miracles Happen” in the autumn spring ” The Nightmare Awakens Is” Love, What’s Your Last Name ” in the morning, etc. At that time, the movies were very close to people’s lives and easily resonated with people, and the actor’s performance was also true and natural.. In my memory, the actors at that time did not hear who had been groomed, pure and fresh, but looked as pleasing to the eye, unlike the’ awl face’ popular in the entertainment industry today, the actress’s cheeks were shaved to almost nothing and her face was eerily pointed, as if it were the only way to call it beautiful.. There are ten million kinds of beauty in the world, not all of them are suitable for Fan Bingbing’s sharp faces. Audrey Hepburn and Ingley Bergman are not the so-called’ awl faces’, but they are still revered and remembered by the world many years after their death. Their real, simple and touching performances have made countless classics and legends on the screen, and their unique personality charm, elegance and unaffected, I think, is the real reason why they miss the world..     Now, there are fewer and fewer actors who really have acting skills in the entertainment industry. They are busy packing themselves and selling themselves, and they do not hesitate to spend a lot of money on plastic surgery, raising the bridge of the nose, opening the corner of their eyes and rubbing their cheeks. The natural good looks parents gave them have turned into another face under the scalpel. In fact, acting skills are the most important for an artist, and it is not difficult to win the attention of the moment by mere gimmicks. I’m afraid the audience will eventually get tired and rejected of you. The older generation of filmmakers, such as Tian Hua and Zhu Xijuan, look quite ordinary today, but they are..     Today’s movies can be remembered very little. Sometimes I search for movies on the Internet on a whim, but I always look down on the film title. I thought I was behind the times when I took part in the most exciting wedding bill in a hot time. My son went to see it in Jiangyou’s Flying Studio and was very happy. It was funny, but I couldn’t think of the desire to see it quickly.. I reject the so-called stunt, so-called hip-hop style and so-called nonsense in the movies. I don’t know and don’t want to know. Those movies with simple plot and no content and connotation are exaggerated in propaganda, but disappointed after watching them..     In contrast, I deeply miss the old movies of that time, which are full of real life and philosophy of life. After people have watched them for a long time, they can get some inspiration from them. The episodes in some movies have been sung to this day, with beautiful lyrics and melodious melody. The lyrics written by the older generation of music workers themselves are a catchy poem, and they can’t be written without deep cultural accomplishment and love of life and work.. Up to now, I especially like the movie’s participation in the episode in the sweet career regulations, the sunshine bill in our life, Yu Shuzhen’s simple, natural, pure and unpolished voice, full of vigor and vitality, still sounds cordial and warm to this day, as if it will bring me back to that unforgettable era..     I very much hope that the current director can also pay attention to the needs and feelings of our generation and make some films with real connotation worth seeing, which are closer to our common people’s life. Don’t let us feel like a fable. After all, people’s life is booming now and there is some spare money in their bags, and also want to enrich their own cultural and entertainment life. It is also a pleasure of life to go to the cinema once in a while to enjoy a visual feast. The key is whether the films are worth our money.?