Hometown Dreaming ( 4 ) )

Parents are extremely fond of children, and their infatuation is rare to us, so it seems that children are naturally predestined friends with them. no matter whose children meet them, they will always make friends whether they are clever or stubborn, whether they are coaxed or not.. Once the elder sister brought her little niece, and when she returned home for a few days, the child was crying and refused to leave, and then forced to walk up. No matter how the elder sister coaxed her, she just tore her heart apart and cried, ” Grandpa! Grandpa! ‘ parents mournful, the listener all moved. Until her home, still crying for grandpa and grandma.   I remember when I was a child, when the summer twilight was approaching, the family sat in the courtyard and ate dinner while enjoying the cool breeze and laughing happily.. And his father always took his baby hand phone to the hospital, listened to the news first, and when it was over, it was Qin Qiang. We can’t hear the lyrics clearly, we can only rely on father’s explanation, sometimes father also has to shout a few words. Although I didn’t know what Qin Opera was at that time, that kind of rough and plaintive singing and clear and melodious accompaniment was always full of threads, seeping into the heart and marrow, perhaps it was a kind of music!   When I was 18 years old, except my uncle’s family lived at the foot of the mountain, my father, brother and five other families were all connected in turn.. Our brothers and sisters always go in from your house and come out of my house, free to eat and drink whatever they want. They all feel like their own house anyway.. Sometimes, who has delicious food in his family is always invited to taste the five dolls’ adults. Something is also a discussion. After dinner, they got together, the adults were sitting on the kang, the children were sitting on the ground, drinking tea and chatting happily..   When I came back from the outside, I saw that there were seven or eight golden apricots in the bowl on the table. It was tempting, and there was no one in the room who thought his parents had left it for me, so I gobbled it up and swept it away.. Who knows the family came back at noon and sat down together to share the few apricots on our apricot tree. As a result, the bowl was empty and asked me, I said I ate it all. Parents smiled: ” This year, a few trees have been planted, and when you come back to let anyone taste them, you have swallowed them all by yourself.”. I just suddenly realized that I regret not thinking about it carefully, patience and so on. Early know so, let them hang on the tree.   Looking back on the years of poverty, a strong belief supported the hope that it will always be left to the future, working together to create a better future, eating what is particularly delicious, doing what is eagerly done, and living a long and fulfilling life.. Later, the conditions changed slowly and people were lazy and empty. Only then did they realize that the feeling of happiness had nothing to do with material things.. Sometimes it is only in the ordinary days that the happiness is really pregnant with dribs and drabs..