Speaker of the People's Hospital of Myanmar U Win Min resignation Myanmar media: is thought to be the next president

"Myanmar Times" reported that shots [Global Times special correspondent in Myanmar Wu Yu copper reporters Zhaoyan Long] Myanmar presidential palace announced Wednesday, Ngo Dinh feel that day resigned from the presidency because he needs to rest, so resigned president since March 21, 2018 post。 Subsequently, the Speaker of the Federal Parliament Lok Sabha Myanmar U Win Min also announced his resignation, Myanmar media said, he is thought to be the next president of Burma。   "Myanmar Times" March 21 reported that the deputy speaker of the Lok Sabha Wudi Kun Myanmar seconds in Lok Sabha U Win Min had announced his resignation, but gave no further details。 According to the Constitution of Myanmar U Win Min, the resignation of caretaker president by the first vice-president, the ruling Democratic League (NLD) recommended a vice presidential candidate, final parliamentary vote on the three vice-presidents, who gets the most votes becomes president。
Which means the President from Vice President Min Rui, Vice President Henry Banteay excellent and recommended NLD vice presidential candidate generated。
If the National League for Democracy to finalize the candidate for vice president U Win Min was elected president means that produce from this trio。
  In accordance with the provisions of Article 73, paragraph 2, of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Myanmar, the presidency appears Acting President during the vacancy shall immediately notify the federal parliament within 7 working days after election of new president, the first vice president during Minrui the agent to perform presidential duties。