Fragmented text

Some fatigue, some fatigue.     The recent work is really bothering me. I don’t have time to rest at noon. If I don’t have a treat at night, I can go home early. I feel like I’m falling apart.. Said tired, the mood is very happy, because met a very good boss, very considerate of our hard work, and a very harmonious company around. In mathematics, the sum of positive and negative is equal to zero, but I am not here. Physical exhaustion is an exercise, sleeping soundly on the bed, being psychologically cheerful is beneficial to health, and I find my own value every day in the heat of the wind and the fire.. I jokingly called myself both a worker and a boss, a driver and a secretary, and a combination of several jobs.     Every time I come home, I always turn on the computer, put on light music, and then lie on the couch looking at the literary club or space, with occasional clasp friends.. Don’t want to talk, don’t talk, just feel repose moment rest.     Sitting alone in the study in the night, I don’t want to be disturbed by others, nor do I want to disturb others. The sound coming from the computer gives me a serene enjoyment of hearing.. For many days, I have not calmed down to write. My novel has been delayed in writing in the protests of friends because there is no train of thought. Some friends said that men should put career first, and I think it makes sense. Some friends said, pay attention to the body, after all, it is not a young age. I think it makes sense. Some friends said, I think it makes sense to give full play to waste heat and create value. Some friends said, how much is it? Rest quickly! I seem to think it makes sense. hehe! But I really don’t have any money, and it may also be that I continue to rush about for the sake of my life.. The administrator of the literary club worked hard to manage our club and really moved me. I had too little time. In my heart, work is meaningful, practical, and words are also meaningful.     Thought can never be idle. I want to find back what I have got and what I have lost, but it’s hard, maybe it’s impossible, maybe it’s life. Looking up at the blue sky in early spring, talking and laughing with all the people in the air every day, oh! The sky is blue today! Perhaps when the body is tired, spiritual pleasure is also the most rewarding.     To tell the truth, spring is not my favorite season, because in North China, this season is the most windy and dusty, and I have to live in a stormy environment every day.. But I have to like this season, because it is the season of breeding and hope, just like that sentence: Spring is the plan of the year. The reason why I have to like this season is that I was born in April when the spring was warm and the flowers were blooming.. hehe! Confused, I should like this season. This season there will be a lot of feelings coming out to touch my heart, nostalgic or future. There is always a scene about my dream that will suddenly flash into my real life, sometimes I have to wonder if I fall into a very real dream again.. If it is a dream, even if it is true again, it will finally wake up. In fact, it is more important to grasp the immediate life..     Taste a mouthful of green tea made by myself and let me savor many things, including the familiar smell in the air and the memories that floated away. Sometimes I wonder how many of the important people who once appeared in my life are still more frequent in my daily contacts, and how many are fading out of my life for one reason or another or even unknown reasons.? Now think of it, the original life is just a dream flower once, how much can we know?     This is a joke. I have lived in the civil service all my life, but I am behind the times. I don’t know many things about many people. The recent work has touched many organizations and people, some familiar, some strange, some big and some small. It can be described as a world of mixed feelings.. It’s no wonder that the boss said that he realized the difficulty of our enterprise? alas! I really want to record these clips, but the passing scenes will be gone soon. Later, I didn’t think it was a pity, because it’s not surprising that economic and social phenomena have become common. It’s also true to life to leave some regrets in my heart.! hehe! I comfort myself like this.     It’s interesting to go to dinner with friends occasionally. People of our age are all people who can’t taste life slowly. At least I don’t think I am. But sometimes we are curious to choose a neither fish nor fowl Chinese and western restaurant. I don’t know when a restaurant called’ pizza’ appeared in front of my building. uniformed waiters stood on both sides of the door as they entered, smiling and gesticulating: welcome. We found a place to sit down and there was light music in the stereo. I couldn’t understand what Chopin’s piano music seemed to be, and there were old black and white photos on the surrounding walls. Wood decoration had a classical flavor.. If I hadn’t seen the modern buildings and traffic outside through the French window next to me, I really thought that in Europe in the last century. hehe! The topic seems to have gone far. Just to eat. The waiter’s attitude is really good. Every time I come over to help us add water, I always say softly, excuse me.This kind of feeling makes me feel a little constrained. I always say thank you to her.     Near the window and under the street lamp, you can clearly see the pedestrians on the road, walk or ride a bike, and pass through my sight.. Looking at them, also looking at the city covered by night. Everyone has different expressions on his face. I can’t help laughing at those expressions that I imagine I will appear. I will also be a passer-by in other people’s eyes. Why not show the most beautiful side??     Living in a busy life has become a mess, and it is estimated that my words are also a mess.. These messy words are just my mood. hehe!