Drunken tango

In the evening, I went with three or four friends to the three-member family of Baiguan Shengli Road for a drink, and the posture of drinking was very natural and unrestrained.. Hot liquid flows through your lips and slides down to your heart and burns warmly. Wine is a matter of temperament, so it is necessary not to drink it. If you drink it, you will not drink it. If you don’t drink it, you will dispel thousands of worries..     Three cups and two cups are already drunk. I’m drunk! After drinking, I was drunk and relaxed! In the chaos there is a clear and clear day. Wine is not intoxicating, people are drunk, only themselves can get drunk. The wine has already lit up the firewood of my feelings, burning the old past in my heart. Wine makes me can’t help but have tears. Drunken people love tears, which are tears that wine turns into..     ‘ what are bell and drum, rare dishes and treasure?, I hope I’ll never wake up drunk again. ‘ From ancient times to the present, how many people have poured much tenderness into wine? And how many people have placed a lot of male spirit on wine? Wine is the only friend of the frustrated, and wine is the ornament of the proud. Wine is the soul of the poet. Wine lets the painter write freely. Wine is the flesh and blood of the hero. Wine makes the hero healthy. Is a kind of free and easy, drinking is a kind of relief. Drunk is a state, a state completely free from any distress. The wine cup releases the strong fragrance all over the sky and fills the deepest part of the heart in the memory..     ‘ oh, let a man of spirit venture where he pleases, and never tip his golden cup empty toward the moon!. Remember the past, I was very proud and liked drinking too much. As soon as the wine field was set up, friends sat down around the table, filled their glasses and dried up! The cup was bright, the mountains and rivers were swallowed up with anger, and the lofty sentiments and air were magnificent.. The time, the natural and unrestrained, the floating. Year after year, flowers are similar and wine is different from year to year. Whether it’s fun or sad, I’ll never pull out of the wine market..     Looking at the present day, looking to the place where Yingge and Yandance are flourishing, young people are greedy for cups, and most of them are beautiful and snowy.. Businessmen are greedy for a cup, and most of them are contracts. Officer person greedy for cup, mostly for official career ups and downs. The literati drank too much wine to ease their worries and cynicism. They took advantage of the wine to drink a few lines of splendid articles.. Think of yourself, whether you are drunk or sober, anyway, I am drunk when I see wine, smell wine, listen to wine and wake up.. Perhaps the intoxicating fragrance is not just wine, but a yearning.     I am drunk / because I am lonely / who has comforted me / since you left me / that loneliness has been with me / if it were not for you / how did the days pass / old dreams / as if you had me in your dimple / dimple / drunk tango / tell him / don’t forget me / drunk tango /.     I am a man who is addicted to the night. Tonight, a familiar love song from the lounge floats in the night sky in the north of the city in his sleep with drunk tango regulations. I don’t like the lyrics that cry bitterly, but the sad melody still deeply touches me.. The youth should be a vibrant disco, while the youth is a relaxing waltz, and our middle-aged people in recent years are a graceful tango..     I made a cup of tea, lit a cigarette and took a deep breath. All my loneliness and sadness were sucked into my heart and my heart was drunk.. I was intoxicated with the sad tango of midnight. I was sitting in front of the screen under the window and banging on the keyboard. The ringing beep sounded at midnight.. Through the fermentation of wine, the spirit of wine is shaking and singing with thousands of lines of poetry, magnificently, magnificently or gracefully.. I sang to the wine, sang the bitterness and joy of the world, and cried out the sour and hot in the world.. Drunk tango is a cup of mellow and sweet wine. The longer the time goes on, the sweeter and sweeter the tango is.. Life is boundless and it’s hard to get drunk … Ah