Charm of Calligraphy

Recently, two publishing houses are reviewing the draft of the Anti – Japanese Sniper Regulations, so they have to wait and don’t know what the result will be. After all, they are the first book and the unknown old author, so they issued the exclamation ” Waiting is being tried” a few days ago..   At the end of 2011, after five or six years as a director of the office, he busied himself in all kinds of school affairs in the dark, suddenly remembered his dream of youth between his pride and his disappointment, and opened the document and read the draft of the Luoxi sunset snow ordinance he wrote more than 20,000 words in 2007. he actually felt that there were still some implications, just as greedy people saw chicken legs and greedy people saw maotai, they suddenly aroused the desire to write something..   Let’s write about it. Although no one is expected to help me publish it, let’s just write it to myself to comfort my once young heart..   Occasionally, I found the place of buckle space, so I sent the writing to the space with many friends cheering. Ha ha, I love narcissism most in my life. Where can I stand the praise of friends, so I am writing more and more vigorously in my recent years..   Then I saw the starting point, saw the novel reading net, and went up with a try-and-try attitude. The starting point is probably too famous for anyone to care about my things. The novel reading net is still good, meaning a little attention.. But suddenly, a young man pulled me up at 17K and began to expand a chapter of the regulations on sunset snow in Luoxi into a novel. After six months of hard work, the regulations on anti – Japanese snipers came into being..   But he wrote more than 400,000 words, and someone contacted me to say that he was going to adapt it to a TV script. In an accident, he got carried away by surprise.. Talking and talking, they have gone beyond the rules of operation of other companies and collapsed. This collapse doesn’t matter, and the feeling of writing smoothly also vanished into thin air, so wait, then stop, then look forward to, so six months passed again.   When I recall what happened at that time, the feeling was overwhelming. ” The sword of utility can hurt people, stimulate people to forge ahead, and make it difficult to play with it.”! ‘ If it weren’t for the utilitarian heart-to-heart battle that won the music of creation, even the whole million-word novel would have been finished by now.   This also reminds me of’ indifferent and clear – minded, peaceful and far – reaching’, so I began to pick up calligraphy that I hadn’t practiced for many years..   I am free and easy by nature and wild in my heart, so my calligraphy has always been a dragon and snake, phoenix and phoenix dance, so my favorite calligrapher is Huai Su, a monk, who can participate in a draft of the self-narration bill with ease of writing and freedom of translation, making me addicted and let me forget myself.. Then he sighed, ” Don’t let me idle. I can get something out of idle time. Recently, I found some feeling of calligraphy. My calligraphy is fragrant. I haven’t smelled it for many years.”. Perhaps, after practicing for a period of time, my heart will calm down, leaving the utility behind, and finding the feeling of being killed by a small Japanese son will certainly reap a lot in half a year’s time..   The charm of calligraphy is to let my heart go back to broad – mindedness.