A book without cover saved my life

More than 10 years ago, I just came to Harbin to start a career, and my life was very hard and bitter. What I did not know in my life was very difficult, but I was very happy.. When nothing happens, go to the river to see the Songhua River, see the flood control memorial tower dike where tourists gather, look across the Sun Island, listen to our songs on the Sun Island, and watch the flowing Songhua River water, relax and have a good time.. At that time, the flood control channel along the river could walk from the river outside the road to the park of the ninth station, enjoying the yacht shuttle in the shade, the boat swaying gently, and the Russian girl, blond and blue – eyed, who could not understand the bird’s speech.. There are many interesting things on the nearby beach, such as horse riding, beach racing, swimming places, and tourists coming to enjoy the summer..     The place where I work is near Jiuzhan Park. Many colleagues asked me to take a bath in Laozi Bay near Songhua River Highway Bridge on a hot summer day. I can’t swim and dare not go to the water depth. I only play with water near the shore and feel cool and comfortable in the river.. My companions all swam into the river, only a few ducks like me were playing in the shallow water, and I also slowly tried to walk in the middle and enjoy the feeling of water depth. If not, I would turn back again..     Do you want to say that there is an unforeseen situation in the sky! I didn’t care when a big ship passed the river center, pushing up a big wave and surging water, drawing me into the deep water at once, suddenly feeling empty at my feet and sinking at once. I just called for help… Before he could shout out his life, he took a gulp of water and pushed his head out again to save it.. Life didn’t wait to say it, and drank a large amount of water, two saliva enough, also won’t shout, also dare not shout again, the only thing is to sink down. Sink down. , thought this time finished, became a fish and shrimp meal.     If you don’t say people want to die, there will always be salvation! On my first day at lunch, I flipped through a book without a cover, which was a story about the swimming champion of our national games for the disabled, telling him how strong he was and how he grew up without his arms. I thought when I looked at it, can he swim without his arms?? Do you swim with your legs. When I sank down, I suddenly remembered the book I read without cover. My instinctive legs started to move. I only felt my body darting upwards. Abrupt suddenly emerged from the water, and my legs didn’t dare to stop. My hands were paddling wildly, and I finally rushed to the shoal.. Looking at my companions, they looked at me with surprise. They were stunned by the sudden situation. I didn’t wash the sediment from my body, so I went ashore, put on my clothes and sat panting on the stone.. Drink two big gulps of water, have a headache for several days, Songhua River water! It’s too hard to drink. It’s bitter and astringent! Songhua river water, I came to see you, almost let your enthusiasm keep me forever.     Since then, I have never been to the river again, and I have learned to swim in a cruel way. Now I can lie in the water without caring for several hours.. Also understand that even if you don’t have water, as long as you don’t panic, just lift your head quietly so that your nose and mouth can breathe, and don’t bend your legs together, you won’t sink to the bottom.. If you want to drink Songhua River water, I can’t help it. If you don’t want to drink it, just follow my method and make sure you will be fine..     Thanks to the book without cover, it saved my life, made me die hard, and enjoyed today’s good life.