Tears wet Cambridge sleeves

The time for parting has finally arrived, and there is no pain in my heart beyond words.     I know that this day will always come, but I didn’t expect it to come so suddenly. Feeling sad and speechless, the words were clumsy and difficult to write, so he had to learn to walk zhimo again to leave Cambridge, waving the classic sleeve without a cloud, and singing in tears – gently I walked away, just as I came gently . ah, for five years, five degrees of spring flowers and autumn moon, one thousand eight hundred and twenty-five days and nights, how many sweet, sour, bitter and spicy tastes are in it.     I can’t remember for a long time, the vast sea of people, how we met each other through the fate of time and space, only remember to meet Zhongchun, and the flowers in the small garden were in full bloom.. I can’t remember the process of knowing each other for a long time. How do we go from strangers to friends who enjoy each other? We only remember blushing hongyun and inadvertently fly to your forehead..     Once upon a time, Gao Zhiyuan was infatuated and never changed. He always felt brilliant talent could be used. He always thought that the true feelings he knew when he met a beauty could be felt in heaven and earth.. However, I did not expect that I would suddenly find out after this half of my life that I had no peach blossom in my life without money.!     When seed of love was a teenager, the girl in the mountain village who’ walked with shame and looked back by the door but smelt her childhood sweetheart’ forgot our wild interest in raising cattle up the mountain together, our childlike innocence of collecting firewood and mowing grass together, and the vows of eternal love once made, leaving only a period of childhood sweetheart’s first love behind me..   From seed of love to Chun Qing, the girl from Tingting Normal School who met at the small station took the car of my emotion with her youth.. There have been affectionately sentimentally attached to each other in two places, and there have been times when wild geese have passed on books in each other’s hearts and days.. Later, her realism clashed violently with my romanticism, so she had to fly by and by..     Beauty bears me, feeling and heart feel scarred. As if he had broken through the world of mortals, he closed his heart window and placed heavy iron locks on it, thinking that the way to find true feelings was near the cliff..   However, in that year, in that picturesque quiet town, near the Jiuqu stream full of bamboo cilia on both sides, I met a beautiful female worker of 29 years of age. Her nightingale – like singing was a dose of bitter medicine and quietly healed my injured heart. Her gentleness, elegance and beauty and kindness were a golden key that gently opened my rusty heart lock.. Only in the end, she was ruthlessly shot down by vicious rumors, and I left her distraught with my heart.!     My heart is withered and I don’t expect a beauty of Qi Mei’s case to grow old with me in this life.. My heart sank and I bent on walking into the palace of marriage. I was doomed to go my separate ways sooner or later from the very beginning.. After more than 10 years of loveless marriage, I finally decided to walk out of the siege. Not yet in the free air, I fell into the boundless loneliness of the pillow empty and cold, deeply unable to extricate myself.     In March, when the wind was light and the pears blossomed, Chun Qing entered into a dream.   In the quiet forest garden in the center of the mountain city, several red flowers are in line with the wall and several pear flowers bloom like snow. At this season when the wind blows on the face and chills the willows, a Chun Yan oblique wind drizzle gently perches on my heart. It is her whispering like a heavenly language that makes me move with a bang, and it is her charming, healthy and beautiful figure that makes me linger for a long time.. Even though the flowers have been blooming for five years, the strange fate of meeting each other is still fresh in my memory, and the coincidence of knowing each other is still shaking like yesterday, and the true love of knowing each other is still inextricably linked.. I remember meeting at the beginning of the vast sea of people. Her white dress was as muddy as a fairy. She raised her hand and threw herself into the air as ten thousand square meters, which made me dare not look up.. Qianying is like a dream, and I miss her so much that I think she is my favorite beauty, waiting for me quietly in the bright place of willow and dark flowers, perhaps for a thousand years..     The first time I asked Liu Shao on the moon, after dusk, she was on the other side of the Jialing River.. The evening breeze blows, neon enters the river, clear clarinet and melodious saxophone make us transcendent and free from vulgarity. Beautiful scenery before, beauty in the side, I really realized that the wine does not intoxicate people from the state of drunkenness.   When she met again, she wore a fashionable white shirt and pink jeans, and her handsome arch eyebrows were so clever that her eyes were bigger than those of three autumn waters.. In binjiang road under the moon, summer insects chirped and tourists scattered. Outside the high embankment, Jiang Tao is deep and quiet, and fishing fires are lit. The gentle breeze is like a hand, gently buttoning up your heart. Charming night scenes like wine, intoxicated with boundless love. That night, the wind remembered, the month remembered, and the gushing river also remembered that we had our first skin date.     After countless stormy days, our ears were polished and we helped each other.. When thirsty, I sent her a slice of cool watermelon, a bunch of sweet Turpan grapes, and a listen to her favorite ” Wanglaoji”. When I was ill, I poured her a cup of cold granules, cooked her a famous doctor’s traditional Chinese medicine, and took her to see a doctor on a cold night. When tired, I put a warm bath for her, gently knead her sore shoulder and back, and put a hypnotic serenade for her in the quiet night.. When she was drunk, she cooked me a bowl of pickled cabbage gruel. When I was happy, she smiled and gave me a crescent moon. When she was sad, she silently stroking the scars for me.     However, even so, true love cannot rival the cruel reality. Perhaps, because I have talent and no money, I am not a successful man in today’s world. I can’t satisfy her worldly vanity and can’t bring her material enjoyment.. Therefore, after five spring flowers and autumn months, one thousand eight hundred and twenty-five nights, forty-three thousand eight hundred hours, two thousand six hundred and twenty-eight thousand minutes and one hundred and fifty-seven thousand six hundred and eighty thousand seconds, she finally told me one day, with her frosty eyes, that a winding story was nearing its end and that a love that once wanted to end in the end would be lost in the wind.!   Just, just, although she has rooted in my heart like flowers, the myriad leaves and butterflies have filled my heart, the charming flowers have fragrant my heart, and I really hope that she will live in my heart, even if she fades, she will melt the mud and protect the flowers, and the fragrance will remain the same for the rest of her life.. However, I also want to tell her with mournful and helpless eyes – don’t worry, Chun Yan, who lives in my heart’s branches in the oblique wind and drizzle, I won’t haunt you. Although your departure may make me want to cry, it may make me feel no pain at all.. You can fly, the heart branches are higher elsewhere, and the blue sky is bluer elsewhere. Maybe those places have a paradise for you to be happy. You don’t have to worry about me, just let me secretly sort out my sadness, and let me think about your whispering of heavenly language and your charming, healthy and handsome appearance in the long memory with tears streaming down my face.. This is not stupid, this is a kind of deep love, because I understand that if you want to make you happy, it is to satisfy all your wishes, and you think it is a kind of happiness to leave me, then you should leave bravely.. A natural and unrestrained jilt hair, has been moving forward, don’t look back. Because, even if you look back quietly at this moment, it will make my tears crashing into the sea and the whole world will be submerged in a flash.!