Gossip separation

After drinking a few glasses of separated wine, I was somewhat dazed. I wanted to say something, but I was incoherent..     The host was drunk before the guests left.     The impression is that the ancients sent their farewell to the ten-mile pavilion. I am not an ancient person, but I added a few minutes of the ancients’ legacy for no reason..     I don’t know how far it is to the east passenger station via the 3rd route.     I don’t know how many wintersweet branches are in full bloom from the 3rd route to the east passenger station.     Three shakes in a step, half dream and half waking, walking on the 3rd Ring Road without knowing what to say, the three figures are long and short, swaying and swinging on the minor roads, private cars honking their horns, and wild tricycles honking their horns, even passing battery cars creaking and creaking..     I’m flattered and drunk, but I can’t remember how to get to the overpass at all.     Wine is to drink its slightly fumigated, drunk deeply, drunk is a kind of mood.     I think I am mostly light drunk, like drunk not drunk. Like the same bridge, Taiping Bridge is not peaceful, and Jiuyanqiao is not just nine – eyed.     Wu Changyou once said that youth is unbearable for Baidu, but few people can really understand Baidu.     I didn’t really measure the distance from the 3rd route to the east passenger station, just silently accompanying with loneliness, leaving the two words to silence all feelings.     Step by step and step by step, the seemingly off-going steps doomed me to have some inexplicable and unprovoked sadness when I was good at piling up words..     I miss spring, but I lifted up my eyes and saw sweet-smelling wintersweet. There is no sunset in winter in Chengdu. People are busy and flowers are blooming. I only silently read the sentence of farewell to the sunset in my heart..     Once upon a time, Chengdong Passenger Station hurt all my thoughts.     In this place with dozens of acres of land, I had a feeling that I couldn’t look back on. My son was less than one year old that year, and the feeling that I wanted to cry that year hurt every nerve..     I am too lazy to recall, some understated past events are always too painful to let myself feel at ease. Absence is goodbye, and some people may never see it again.     A song is written by others, but it is sung by oneself.     A glass of drunk is someone else’s, but hurt yourself.     In any case, we should give a praise to our confused self. In any case, we should fill our wine before leaving..     I learned to make fish, steamed pork with rice flour, and also learned to worry a little..     Zheng Ying said he would be an elegant woman and walk leisurely on the Taiping Bridge..     I was touched, but I couldn’t find the right reason.     Some separation will eventually sink into the sea, and some separation will inevitably turn back again and again.    [ Author Wu Changyou, pseudonym of Spring Subway, from Jianyang, Sichuan[ QQ 891344127 ]