Fifty – two, internal and external repair is perfect

Kant said: ” In this world, there are only two things that deeply shake our hearts, one is the bright stars above our heads, and the other is the lofty morality inside us.”. I can’t remember that famous person said such a thing.’ The beauty of a person is not in appearance, clothes and hairstyle, but in his own heart. If a person doesn’t have inner beauty, we will often dislike his beautiful skins.. Although the times are different, under the dazzling eyes of today’s glamorous people, there should be both a graceful and beautiful appearance and a smart and capable inner world..   Confucius, a great educator in ancient China, called the appearance of human being ” Wen” and the inner spirit of human being ” quality”. What he said was’ gentle and gentle, then a gentleman”, which means that people who have both are cultured and civilized people..   When we comment on others, we often say’ this person has good temperament’. The so-called good temperament is a person who has beautiful language, behavior and soul.. If you want to be a good-natured and popular person, first learn the ” three principles of treating people and things” ( excerpts from the internet ).   One of the principles: Respect for others and respect for others is the core of all etiquette rules. If you want others to respect you, you must first learn to respect people. This is an important principle of ” treat people with respect to others”.   Learning to respect people can start from the following three points.   1.. Listen to others. Be a good listener, listen carefully to others, encourage others to say their things, and make them think he is very important. There will be many friends like this. It is impolite to say nothing but not to listen, or to interrupt others casually.   2.. Think for others. At ordinary times, when we come into contact with people who think of others, we always feel that this person is easy to get along with and kind – hearted. Such people always have good interpersonal relationships and are easy to succeed in doing things.. At ordinary times, we should also abide by this principle and think more for others.   3. . Do it for others. The charter adopted by the United Nations in 1979 contains the following sentence: ” Cultivate people with warm hearts.”. People should help each other if they can often say, ” Do you have any difficulties?”? Let me help you.! And try your best to help others, your heart will be full of love and you will feel full of life. Your friends will be many, and when you are in trouble, others will be willing to help you.   Principle 2: Enthusiasm Do you like to contact people who are calm and unhappy all day, or people who are happy and enthusiastic?? I think everyone likes people who are full of enthusiasm, so you should be enthusiastic yourself.   Enthusiasm comes from inner love for life and a good mentality. It will overflow in your eyes and in your conversation.. Your love for life, your love for classmates, teachers and parents will be revealed through your words and deeds, not only inspiring yourself, but also infecting and inspiring others and making people willing to be with you..   Principle 3: Sincerity is the most important criterion for choosing friends.. Sincere friendship is priceless. Sincere people are real, not hypocritical, not empty talk when it comes to doing it. Sincere people sincerely appreciate and appreciate others and do not criticize and complain about life and others. Sincere people talk face to face and not gossip behind their backs.   When I get along with my classmates, I hope you will do’ seven don’t’.   Don’t break the contract, even if it’s a small agreement. If you have an appointment, you must abide by it, or else you will not meet.   Second, don’t talk about the shortcomings of other students behind their backs. Remember: ” Good things are said after people, bad things are said before people.”. ‘ three jokes should be measured. Don’t make fun of others, especially their appearance and dress.   4. don’t talk only about your own things or things of interest to your classmates. don’t say the same thing over and over again.   Don’t get angry because other people give you advice, but face those who criticize you gratefully, whether well-intentioned or not, because other people’s criticism will make you progress continuously..   Don’t touch your classmates’ things, even your best friend, and you can’t ” cut first and play later.”. We should say ” hello” first and use it only after getting permission.  The things borrowed from classmates should be returned immediately after they are used up.   Finally, may you choose a sincere person to be your friend and be a sincere person yourself. ( excerpts from the internet )