Wild child 61 points!This is actually not the most tragic history of a 183 man kneeling in slip

Beijing on March 23, the Charlotte Hornets vs. Memphis Grizzlies, although both teams have missed the playoffs, but the game which showed a competitive state is very different。
The final ratio of 140 to 79 victory wasp grizzly 61 minutes, creating a season-record the largest margin。 The Grizzlies had once suffered the embarrassment of team history record of 19 games without a win and has demonstrated Memphis put bad attitude, it has been aimed at this summer's NBA Draft。 Hornets from the opening campaign quickly enter the state, the Grizzlies did not give any chance to expand the score early in the game and did not play suspense。 After the Hornets come off the bench, still crazy attack, the points difference widened to 65 points once。
At the end of the first three games the Hornets ahead 55 points, which is after three kick in a game in NBA history, the largest score gap。 And before the New Orleans Hornets – Chris Paul commanding stage, the playoffs 58 points bloodbath Nuggets, an NBA playoff record maximum points difference。
This time the Charlotte Hornets for Paul Kuangtu wash the shame before。
In December 18, 1991, 148 more than the Cavaliers to 80 points rout of the Heat 68 points, creating the largest single-game points difference record in NBA history。 (Shen Wei)。