Father and Wine

Recently, I found that my father is very fond of drinking, and he drinks three or two drinks every day for several days in a row.. My heart is a little confused. Because I have never seen him addicted to alcohol before, although I heard him say that he once drank five catties of shochu with four relatives when he was young. I advised him to drink less. He was unhappy with his face and sometimes rebuked me: ” What do you know?”! I don’t say anything anymore.. Every time my father went out to buy wine, he would always buy an old village chief of more than 20 yuan. My mother asked him, ” Can’t you buy something cheaper?”? Father said: ” This wine can win the prize and is better than cheap wine.”! ‘ in fact only once won three yuan, three coins quietly lying in the bottle cap, the other are red face towel paper boxes. I thought to myself: I have a lot of colds in winter, and I can’t lack those tissues, so I don’t ask about it.. When I was a child, my family lived in the countryside of northern Jiangsu, and whenever relatives and friends had red and white funerals in their homes, they would certainly hold banquets and entertain guests.. At that time, I was only ten years old, and my father would ask me to go to the party and take the money with me and tell me, ” Just write my name when you pay the bill, you go.”! Of course, I have never understood why I was asked to go. I am only a child and I can’t drink. Go to once, naturally some habits. Later, I went to almost all the banquets instead of my father.. Last night, watching him sip the old village chief he bought, I was lost in thought: since my father likes drinking so much, I knew it earlier, he should be allowed to go to the previous banquet, because the wine on the banquet is not nectar, but it is also our local and even national famous wine, Yanghe Daqu.. It was not until today that I suddenly realized that he wanted me to eat more. I don’t like drinking, so I can’t understand why he likes drinking so much.. My mother occasionally mentioned that your father used to buy that kind of plastic barreled wine when I went to college.. I had a sip of that wine and it was very difficult to drink. In fact, it was alcohol mixed with water and had no taste of grain at all.. However, my father would like to drink such hard – to – swallow’ wine’. Buy a bucket and you can drink for a month. In fact, I know he doesn’t like to drink this kind of wine, but he can’t help it. ( Article Reading Network: World Wide Web. Three articles. After many years, I may understand: Father bought the 20 – odd old village chief not because he won the prize, but because the wine itself tasted good, and this was the real wine. When I was in college, he bought wine not because it was cheap, but because he wanted to leave me the money for fear that I could not eat it well outside. This wine could not be called wine at all.. Now that I know this, let his old man have a good drink! There’s nothing left for him to give up drinking.