In the hot summer, the drought continued, the sun scorched the earth like a fire, and there was no one on the playground. Little cicadas hid in the leaves of Ficus microcarpa..   The school has divided the new house again. I was not going to move it, because everything in the house looks like a headache. If I move it, my father’s ” antiques” will certainly have to be thrown away.. However, my daughter is yearning for nothing. I shook my head and tears’ swish’ came down: ” Mom, I tell you, if you don’t move the new house, six. I don’t dance on Children’s Day, nor am I the host! ‘ encouraged by her carrot and stick, I decided to move!   On Friday morning, as soon as I entered the office, my daughter’s phone call came: ” Hee hee … ah mom, today we have a holiday, my class and yours have moved all the things in the living room, and we have been sitting on the sofa of the new house for a long time. It’s fun to die.”! ‘ Hang up the phone, I wait for a while to sit for a long time, the original day of leaving my mother, my little princess has quietly grown up!   Very not easy until 5: 30 pm, my daughter was already excited and took me to see her masterpiece. In the window position, I saw at a glance the wooden lounge chair my father had been sitting in all the year round. The chair was already very old. The pattern painted by my father and his colleagues had faded, but the peacock on the backrest was still in high spirits.. My daughter smiled and sat in a chair with her legs crossed and asked me, ” Mom, look, I don’t look like my grandfather.”? And this peacock, is it beautiful to have me? pat her on the head is a reward for her hard day. Pull open the drawer of the writing desk, ” Mom, be careful, it’s full of small things left by my grandfather.”! ‘ I paused, and the drawer fell off. My father’s keychain, calculator, notebook, account book, cap badge and collar badge were all scattered all over the floor. My daughter blamed me for not being careful while she lay on the ground to pick up things, ” Mom, Dongbao! ‘ My daughter suddenly handed me a small bottle of rice white, and I knew it was chilblain cream my father bought for me. At that moment, I was moved by my daughter’s understanding and understanding, and thanked my father for giving me Dongbao in winter after winter..   I remember when the elementary schools in our village were merged in the fifth grade, my mother sent me to the central school in the township to stay there. At that time, the accommodation conditions in the school were very poor and there was no boiled water at all. All the girls were crowded in an abandoned classroom, and only a few wooden bars were ordered on the window.. In winter, when the wind was blowing, people shivered with cold. My hands were full of chilblain, red and swollen like radish, itchy first, then cracking, bleeding and festering … Ah, the school food group only had one person cooking, and my mother said it was her distant relative. When I saw her, the sweet-mouthed doll was liked.. So when I saw him every day, I smiled and called him’ my second uncle’. over time, he took more and more care of me and asked me to warm my hands with hot water every day at the end of school.. Towards the end of the term, the chilblain on my hand was cracked, like a child’s mouth, bleeding continuously. Mother was very anxious, so she asked someone to call her father, who said to apply green ointment to the affected part first and then burn and rub it with carrots.. So every weekend, my mother found a lot of carrots and let me burn them. My father also started to seek medical advice and bought a thick folk prescription to study carefully..   In the winter of that year, when I read the second day of the new year, the weather was surprisingly cold, the chilblain on my hands began to fester, and blood flowed out continuously. I rubbed and tested, and I kept blowing and blowing.. After handing in the test paper, I stood on the balcony and saw my father waving to me at a distance. My heart was secretly pleased.. Father pulled out two rice-white vials from his pocket and handed them to me: ” This is the Dongbao I bought at Emei Mountain. I heard that chilblain treatment is very effective. Apply it quickly.”. ‘ open the bottle cap, can’t wait to apply ointment, light fragrance, cool taste, really cool! Father pulled up my hand and filled the split opening with ointment. He said it would be better and faster. The ointment did work well. After using two bottles, the opening on my hand began to heal slowly..   Later, my father was laid off and the family’s conditions were difficult as never before, but my ointment was never broken. My father asked people to help me buy Dongbao from Emei Mountain every year, and then he went to the post office for another two hours. After years of persistence, chilblain did not recur and the scars on his hands began to fade away gradually..   Opening the winter treasure in his hand, the faint scent spread and touched the scar left by chilblain on his little finger. The feeling of pain still hovered in his heart. He could not help but pull up his daughter and solemnly told her that he must pay attention to keeping warm in winter.. My daughter looked at my little finger, looked left and right, then smiled and said, ” Mom, in fact, you should also be satisfied, because you are a treasure in winter.”. ”