Family friend is sixty-six years old, he has four sisters and a brother, two years apart from each other, and the youngest brother is fifty to six this year, several to five. The 60 – year – old man is worried about each other all day, caring and attentive, caring and caring, with big and small things hanging in his mind.. Every New Year’s Day, the old lady will lead the family members, children and grandchildren to visit each other among brothers and sisters, regardless of their old age and physical weakness, regardless of the distance, each family will arrive, everyone will see, there is no distinction between being superior and inferior, and there is no distinction between being older and younger, everyone is peaceful and calm, and there are endless whispers and intimate words between sisters. Between brothers and sisters – in – law, between sisters – in – law, between sons and daughters – in – law, also like the trend of reunion after a long separation, said. With a smile. Make fun of each other; Small wine end up, but also beaming, gushing; As soon as the mahjong table was set, Guan Gong started to fight Qin Qiong. Because of the different skill levels, it was also fun to play one hand. It was not pleasant to see who was full and who was treating and returning money or losing money.!     My wife’s parents, my in-laws, all died more than ten years ago. As the saying goes, the tree falls and the monkey disperses. However, instead of falling apart, the family is thriving and flourishing, with the family style left by the old worker’s family: simple, big – bellied and honest. On one side is the inheritance of hard work and thrift and steadfast work of the whole generation, which makes the family from old to young, from male to female, from family and grandchildren to grandsons, harmonious and enjoyable.!     My father – in – law, who worked in Beijing flour mill no 6 in his early years, worked like all the old workers every day, not afraid of summer and winter, getting up early and working hard to earn money for his family. he worked with the flour mill from the age of 18 until he retired at the age of 60. he devoted forty-two years of hard work to the mill. in his work, he has the strength to make progress year after year. The carpentry work in the factory is the crystallization of his skill and sweat. At home, he is the pillar, because six’ Ruyaner’ with their mouths open need him to feed them. In the year of famine in 60, he rode hundreds of miles to his hometown in Hebei to pick up small potatoes that were not shaved, as well as those branches that he could eat. He picked them up in sacks, rode more than a hundred miles and carried hundreds of catties of grain, the life-saving’ straw, riding all the way home to relieve the hunger of the children.. Children grow up healthily under the influence of their father’s diligence, simplicity and hard work. They are no worse than children from other families, but have learned to fly under their father’s strong arms. Learned to feed; Learned to be diligent; Learned to help others! Father has no aura, but only a solid foundation to take root on the ground. The heavy family style! The children’s heads bear more brilliant and greater philosophy of life than the halo!     The old woman had no culture, and the three-inch golden curtain was the full portrait of her life. She could not read one but recognized her own name. When ” Ruyan” flew out of her nest, the old woman joined the work of neighborhood committees and lobbied among neighbors. She wore a red armband to watch on duty at the end of the street. She has made a modest contribution to social order in Beijing and to neighborhood harmony. No wonder everyone named them ” Xiaojiao Investigation Team”. Her mother-in-law’s feet are really three inches long, but the trauma left to her by the old society did not stop the old man in new China. after a hard day, she returned home and soaked her twisted feet in warm water, releasing, liberating and relieving her fatigue.! The next day, still on the move. Busy!     After the death of her parents – in – law, she buried her ashes in her hometown in Hebei Province. Every Qingming Festival, children and grandchildren will go there to sweep the tomb. In the second year of her parents-in-law funeral, two gorgeous flowers will grow on the tomb. The flowers may have been a gift from heaven. May be the soul of in-laws now; May be their more loving sign!     The father passed on his son’s praise, and the family style was a silent command because of the apologetic attitude of the older generation.. Simplicity will also be emulated by the next generation, if it is handed down to the next generation, so that this pure broken and most real emotion will always be injected into the heart and make the deep red and deep red blood flow smoothly and incessantly in future generations.!     Recently, the old house of the in-laws will face demolition, and a few tens of meters of ancestral property will definitely be a considerable amount. My wife made a statement at the first station: give up inheritance! Whether it’s hundreds of thousands or millions, it’s freely distributed by younger brothers and sisters. Don’t give up family ties for money. Don’t you be tempted when the sheets and dozen yuan are in front of you?? My wife said, ” My eldest brother is my father and my eldest sister-in-law is my mother.”! The old father and mother died early, leaving us a grace we can’t forget. Cut the blood of continuous feeling; We are too old. What’s the use of asking for so much money! Money, can’t buy love! Love, but can be lost in a moment of narrow and selfish! Let love last forever!