A father’s mind

The man a woman should love most is her father, maybe past lives, maybe a little sentimentally attached to her blood.     My father, an ordinary worker with a low cultural level, has always been the focus of friends.. With the straightness and sincerity of the northeast men, a loud voice, the northeast cold weather raised the yes. There are many friends, everywhere and everything. He is kind to everyone from the heart, and what everyone gives him back is also the most simple righteousness.. This is my father, who likes the lazy and leisurely life in northeast China, drinking small wine at night, living a life of plenty of food and clothing, having nothing to do with his daughter-in-law and thinking about his daughter in the distance before going to bed. This may be his whole life..     When I was a child, my father was very strict and always believed that a filial son was born under the cudgel, and he was not soft on his daughter.. He set an example. In his old age, he did what he should do as a son. He told me that he was worthy of his grandfather and more worthy of himself.. He always said that I can’t be used to eating and wearing my clothes.. He had no culture and had high hopes for me. He told me that even if I sold blood, I would have to go to college. I knew the family was not so hard, but he could do it.. For a while, he almost suffered from my mediocrity and lack of progress. The last time he hit me, he lost a pair of slippers on my head.. Before the age of 18, I was rebellious and had a slight resentment against my father, who often twisted him. Later, I recalled that I exaggerated my memory, but my father did not actually hit me.. In high school, he rented a house for me at the school gate and insisted on making breakfast with my mother, commuting between home and me in the wind and rain, taking care of grandpa and me, and his rheumatism fell at that time..     After college, my father wanted me to stay and work in the province. I insisted on going to the south, and the newly released birds were heading for far-away freedom. I wanted to get rid of my father’s bondage.. There was a dispute with his father about his work. I know that my pursuit of freedom is also to get rid of my father’s discipline. After a year’s struggle, crying and crying and coming to graduation, my father said to me, as long as you are happy, you go! At that moment, the in the mind is not taste. On the night before I left, I updated my signature’ You have made a bond of affection with all your good things’. My parents have been busy helping me pack my luggage. I also want to take this one with me. I also want to take this one with me, quilt, pan, bowl and pan.. When they arrived in Hangzhou, they accompanied me to search for a house everywhere, followed me for an interview, and went through the entry formalities. In fact, I was not happy. No one came with their parents.. On the first day of work, they were also ready to leave and could not send them away. Before leaving, only my mother went out to send me away.. Later on the phone, mom said, your dad cried after you closed the door! That night, I quietly wiped away tears of canthus in my bed. He loves me, so he gives me freedom.     The year of work went smoothly and was appreciated by the leaders. Every time I called home, my father always told me the truth of being a person and doing things, and asked me to be a supercilious good girl.. He never praised me in person, but in front of his friends, he kept talking to his daughter. Later, a person came out for a long time, feeling that he gradually realized his father’s intentions and was very lucky. Maybe we don’t have money, but we have a happy family..     I fell in love, first love, and had been very careful to protect myself before. At first, my father was always cautious about this relationship, fearing that I was immature and too concerned about the results.. He met his boyfriend and said, ” You really like this boy, not for emotional reasons. He’s good to you. It doesn’t matter what the house is.”. My boyfriend is studying in Japan. We love each other in different places. I don’t know where we will go in the future.. Father said: I am loathe to give up, as long as you are happy, both your mother and I support you, treat him well, and can’t point to other people’s support. The main point is strong.. I was in love for a year and forced my boyfriend to marry me to Japan because I especially wanted to be together. My boyfriend is a very good man, simple and honest and straightforward, with a pure heart. I can’t see many advantages in other men, but he is not ready for marriage. The pressure on his studies coupled with my tight schedule began to hide from me. We quarreled and broke up.. At that time, I was also under great pressure to work. I worked overtime for two months without rest, suffered from tracheitis and emotional conflicts. When I was helpless, I called my father to talk to him, but he criticized me and taught me to understand my boyfriend more. I was short of breath and couldn’t hear anyone at all.. Mom called and said dad cared about me, dreaming of scolding his boyfriend and waking up at night, and dreaming of smelly boy bullying his baby.! He loves me dearly, but he must let his daughter deal with the problem rationally.. The day after the break-up with her boyfriend, she handed in her resignation directly, because she was not mature and was feeling sad.. My parents were afraid that I might be sad and flew all the way from the northeast to Hangzhou to take a taxi directly to the company. I was still in a meeting and couldn’t say anything to their visit.. When I got home, my mother opened the door and said to me in a low voice, ” Be happy. Your father hasn’t eaten or slept much for several days.”! I entered the room and giggled and fell into my father’s arms to play the woman with tears in my eyes.. My parents are cooking in the morning and waiting for me to leave work in the evening for a few days.. My father rudely pointed out my willfulness and irrationality and criticized my immaturity. He could not blame other boys alone.. Father sighed, ” You want to follow him, go to Japan or go to the United States. As long as you feel happy and happy, your mother and I will be happy and force you to stay. You are unhappy and our hearts will suffer.”. You should grow up, have a good love affair with others, be nice to the young man, don’t be afraid to bear hardships with him, and study hard together to support the family.. If you really break up, you will also be stronger, just because you are predestined friends and have no share.. My parents found a leader, apologized for my impudence and withdrew my resignation. He told me that he had a sense of responsibility and could not affect his work because of his feelings..The night they left, I dreamed of my childhood, when I was ill and burned in a daze, the small hands of hanging salt water were cold, and my mouth murmured, cold … ah, a pair of wide and warm hands gently held my hands, and I fell asleep.!     I called my boyfriend and told him that I wanted to cherish his kindness.     Mom said, your father loathe to give up your injustice, bear hardships, and even more loathe to give up your walk away. We must care about you, but if you feel happy, we will not live for nothing in our life..     Father, with the strongest arm, gave me support, the softest heart guarded my weakness, and the strongest father’s love supported the daughter’s happiness. This is a father’s mind.     For the sake of my father, I will be happy.