Japan's new accelerator to start in April or the beginning of simulated space environment testing

  March 23, according to Japanese media reports, Japan's KEK 22 news release, the new accelerator has officially started after the modified "super KEKB"。 And plan the fastest start in April, the initial test simulated space environment, trying to unlock the mystery of the universe。   According to reports, Japan's KEK is located in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan。 The disclosed mechanism, 19, mounted in the ground, the duct 3 km perimeter start the electron beam incident。
21 am local time, the electron beam accelerated to nearly the speed of light reached around the steady state, confirmed officially put into operation。
  It reported that the future will be normal incidence and electronic properties of electronic contrary, it with electronic collision, and strive to observe extremely rare phenomenon。
  The new accelerator "super KEKB" put into operation in 2010, the old accelerator greatly improved, the test data to 50 times。
Earlier, in 2008, to verify the Nobel Prize in Physics Makoto Kobayashi and Maskawa theory correctness of the two, has conducted tests with the old accelerator。