1 2-in-law about the past

A misfortune house she had to give her a dowry money ready to spend…It always twisted settled in her heart.Alternatively a woman at that time owed in addition to her daughter but also what way?Once she found me alone the whole story, and asked me if I was concerned about how much her dowry, not because it is bad for her daughter…Of course I did not dare do not care about this kind of strategy has responded with discontent mother.She said her daughter honestly can not hack it will not ruin your home….I had no skill?Nothing more than a family pet, and finally failed to achieve the vision of fallen hearts and let them down and helpless.Now also not talking to his wife.After his wife married mother put it really as virtuous, so far I have found in her home by the VIP treatment, but also satisfied from his mother’s smile in…Because it is the same village home not far away, I often went to her house, often sitting at the table listening to the story of the mother, but also willing to listen to all earnestness by a woman of great wisdom enlighten…Therefore their own preferences and habits unreservedly fate in the hands-in-law, and therefore accustomed to in their home and fell in love with Sam Sun dumplings her home….Love with his wife still is the home of the parents of children below the knee.Super woman mother of toughness, but also the women’s gentle, kind and tolerant of the mother, there are some men never fortitude…She always talk with each benefit, every altercation with his wife, the wife will tell her, but she never fight with his wife over reason, each time with a tone of reproach non-negotiable and let us good…This is because I will live in peace with his wife.    Sick mother is a minor brain haemorrhage in autumn 47-year-old, thanks to detection and early treatment from the hospital is so close to the hospital thirteen days.On the thirteenth day I became a pillar of her family has fulfilled its responsibilities as a husband.During this period no person in my situation, with the ward thought I was the son-in-law, mother did not explain nor deny that just took my wife’s hand with tears in his eyes at us…I know I already have in mind the idea that mother.That look of expectation and passing between the nameless sigh Luo had in mind.I know what it means just smiled and took her hand and say everything will be comforted past illness will get better…I did not expect a half months after discharge she fell to the ground heavy heavy, this fall she completely lost her memory, right leg and right hand dropped sequelae.Since then, really no idea until now.She also witnessed the change after the home, heard but seen the indifferent, the family of people, including me completely disappeared not the slightest relationship in her mind.She had so resolute and strong, to see things so clear, for the effort expended so much family.She’s not the kind of support level of awareness of family but as a woman to set an example to society revealed admit defeat…And the struggle of women do not believe that the social climate…She did end up but in this way that the story of her family Subsequent events have distorted reality.She witnessed not prevent that has no ability to judge….