This love should cherish

The best men encountered.Four years you gave me half true love, if I was twenty years younger then, I will not leave you.But now I must leave you, because I was with her ex-husband not yet divorced, with you I have committed bigamy law unforgivable.Even worse, my two sons are now married to the age Moreover, the eldest son also admitted Dr..How to know if the two sons of his mother is a slut does not keep duty, which makes them later in life.I do not like I am a man, had two children from after I have not had the same bed with him, that’s what I prove to you that my feelings are owned by.But fate treat me to this vulgar man, what can I.I now feel I myself am a liar, a slut!Shao brother, I’m sorry, forgive me, forget me.I go, what did you take away something, took a piece of your old ID card, take care of themselves!  Shao is old while tears while telling me, and made my heart is block after block, I feel is a very poignant love story, but this is a very real love story, but the story is very sad reminder of ownership.  I have already written that expose file is deleted once and for all, because I do not have the heart to expose a woman to take, or not to hurt the woman, and the woman feels like Pan innocent!  I said my brother, how are you so confused, you are that tens of thousands of dollars spent to have the heart to expose and discredit her so she?Or because the child’s relatives and friends can not stand her blame away discredit it?If you really do that, perhaps the final result is a painful tragedy make you more!  He hesitated and seemed a bit do not understand the meaning of my words, I will continue to explain to him said: You live for four years, the saying goes 1st couple hundred days grace, since she can get along with you so long, no matter how She said she still has feelings for you.This feeling just how difficult it is for a manager twists and turns of love and destiny of a woman who is more unjust, she can give you the most precious of her heart, the most sincere emotion, it shows your position in her heart she has exceeded s husband.Now she leave you also must have her unspeakable place, also has her feeling of helplessness worth of dismay.In fact, for anyone in his life to have such a beautiful love it enough, and this is after you half a lifetime of good memories, why unfeeling in Sri Lanka, hated in Sri Lanka!  Friends suddenly realized, stamp say so confused their own good, almost ruined her, almost ruined himself.He has not to do radical things.Love is pass the edge, with perhaps thousands of years of practice points, or both edge points should be cherished.  –14.7.3 in the highest heaven palace