When the last touch of sunset afterglow sway, clouds glow red dye, with supporting sunset, spring Xiao Yun dream, shy slowly drifting into the mountains, while the United States has always been heavy and solemn, the Tsing Yi Willow Crest Hill, is like spring move boy, enthusiastically put on Jinhui sand mantle, moving open pretty plump thorax, the charming cloud female into her arms.  As night falls, the stars shine, let down bound in a league of passionate young girl snuggled intoxicated sleep, throbbing with passion, and dreams, head over heels waves.    Midnight, quiet island, ho month when empty, starry, light wave shallow sea Yi, feeling cut water greedily absorb the wave Yun tenderness moonlight spilled, the fish that water ah, put Pteris Man, Shanshan sleepwalking, in the vast expanse of the underwater world, the rear-end dreams.    Midnight, quiet romantic atmosphere, the room smelled Zheng source of “dreams”, move the lights dim, red wine, singing alone, tenderness overflowing, “How many years ago, a dream the night you met a sudden you’re more than familiar with the side of strangers meet only dream was to be a wake up clouds.”Soulful melody, crumple a cavity empty desert feelings, pregnant people’s lyrics, how much yo love martyrs moved.  As if in a dream, a gentle enough, bright eyes everywhere, he’s sincere, Gu Ying in neon, holding a bouquet of fragrant roses, walking lightly, eyebrows Weicu, facing the other party.”In my mind that you do not know when met in my dreams that you, the end of time I will always wait for you.”Midnight, gentle melody, flowing tenderness, like a jar of wine storage centuries, rich mellow wine, full-bodied flavor, romantic and beautiful deep color, as trickling streams, into my heart, crowding out the lonely lonely hearts to fly its soul concentration, anesthesia my barren soul.  Yin a red wine, a red candle burning, by its neat fluctuations in gold, I will bring hazy wonderland, dressed in colored clothes, Pina dance skirt sleeve of a robe, only to encounter a dream lover.  Cup of mellow wine, fantastic sight, my dreams ah!Can Meet the dream, leaning out of windows lean on a railing, round Dramas night, one, gentle enough, flowing heart, my dreams ah!Can neon night dance with me, “mad Yin Zuiwu night endlessly,” the dance Fang Chang Huai Love War.    Midnight, thin dim moonlight, starlight Qing-rou, my dreams ah!Dressed in white, Chunlan seems like a quiet, elegant, hang the moon, lightly and to, in a dream, we work together and rivers, Wei Wan whisper, roadside flowers ah night comes!Also sent gently fragrance, we follow the scent trail, dating, love, phase raving.”Last night the stars last night wind, painted floor Sipan Gui Hall East.  Body phoenix Flying wing minds think alike.”Exhale, early morning sea, hazy mist, lovestruck man child, standing the other party, my dreams ah!Tomorrow, do you also to dream, kiss my cheek.