Concert sigh, dream hard to find

Wen drop Moran winter night, loving silk is inevitable, mind yo, look out the window, strands of wind, the slightest bone, with no implicit feelings, waving to.    - Inscription tonight, countless tenderness, accompanied by tear-stained, and my heart is still full of the ghost of you.If the bonds of a dream, loving offer all kinds of silk, cotton worth of love, turned into empty, years of relentless, lengthen the distance between us, some shallow bitter words, words full of sad, sad place, you ask for a clear song flat few passionate War.Fireworks released into the atmosphere, leaving their fragrance and look forward to years, also walked away, leaving only one place the petals, journeying to wait, graying at the temples does not regret heart to know that you have gone, but look forward to smile and turned in Review.According to the cold study, but could not pierce the only love-depth bone marrow, catch the truth, according to the wind tonight, lopsided.    More than once, in the hearts hidden a dream, a dream in Red misty rain, the case of a know me, pity me, know me, but unfortunately my friend, dream in poetry, Tang wind SONG Yu where to find a world of band confidant, to find searching, traveled long and arduous journey, crossed ends of the earth, the dance Chunhuaqiuyue, the way light line, in the final season of flowers, the acquaintance with you, feeling your beautiful words, and praise your vigorous calligraphy, envy you buzzing song, all the time , deep down, filled your shadow.    Season, she explains, is come to an end, overwhelmed into a single, you leave, it is difficult difficulties, only to understand, is the perfect.Encounter landscapes, flowers meet a mirror moon in the water, and occasionally there is inevitable, if not pull the text of love, everything is calm, did not let thoughts wander a cavity.    Xiaoxiao wind, leaning out of windows stood, walked quickly oblique look at winter night lights and the line of pedestrians, who Thinking back, count the endless ravines, and only in such a night, can feel lonely heartbeat, money can understand the flow of sad I do not know how the future, speak, cold Such is Life, perhaps snow, flooding everything, everything covered with dust.    Bloom again, lingering shadow prime exuberant, passing by the Red in, how can I face?If you can reincarnation, I would like to rub shoulders with your life, if you can rub shoulders, I would like to meet with you this life, if you can meet, I would like to spend this life with you.Tonight, you know, how many thoughts, unbearable, you know, how much bitterness, leaning out of windows to tears.Although I am very calm and relaxed, conceal uneasy heart, I know, my bosom friend, “Hong child” and so I.Ningmu longing from afar, the indefinite extension of the dark, at the moment, the heart to understand, but also how, if possible, would like to take an antiquity to describe, hard to touch, reading materials, like her writing, singing.    Time flies, time is getting old, more like light incense to bring a roll of the book, reclining in the winter in the window, looking calm night ablaze with lights and pedestrians traveling.    Red destined, because Xiangxi, affectionate touch, Lianlianhongchen, where bitter sweet, happy with happiness.    A trace of warmth, a Hong Zhijian, keep quiet fleeting, shallow time, an acquaintance, ink-stained thoughts, repeated wish language, you can Internati.    Memory, such as swaying wind tonight, can not touch, lingering, but condensed into mourning.Joys and sorrows, earthly prosperity breakdown fleeting, can not be carried in, could not hide the sad past, after years on the dusty windows, the wind is too silent, does not go down.    Painful, those loving silk dust in the past, across the water, across the mountains, falling Red in the fragrance, has long lost its original fragrance.Pray God give me another chance, crossing in Mo acquaintance, exhausted all the warmth, with you forever.    Relying on the mind, maybe just a thought, a simple smile, a simple rub shoulders.This abandoned to spend, no matter how the future, continued unwritten text, promised “sweet child”, you have to go.