Hold your hand catching a lifetime

I was holding his wife's hand in a welcome stroll on the road, early summer sun is very bright, like the overwhelming everywhere。Buttressed by the monsoon south of the humid air, a touch of floral owned wrapped gently stroking our cheeks An unspeakable joy penetrate deep into the bone marrow。    Roadside Street flowers in bloom。Wife grew up like flowers, now look at this cluster, a moment to smell the flower, filled with a rare excitement and pleasure from her lips at the brow。I stare at her, jerking his rising burst of sorrow and grief, his wife is the companion of my life, no regrets in rough weather in the play the role of wife and mother。Today, thirty years ago, goes on the young beautiful face has been engraved with the vicissitudes of Aging。Time flows through the silent, we handle catching along the way, how many joys and sorrows of the past has left the country!    My wife and I lived in the same village two natural village, separated by only 2 miles。She married my home village to let people surprise。At that time, the girl would rather reduce rural mate selection criteria have to find the object in town。When she was Director of Women in the village, the village appearance on the front row girl, aunt, uncle and live in the city, no one said that sooner or later get married to town, I did not expect picks me this room did not even farmer。    Because his family was poor, we were hastily married, and even pieces of decent did not buy her new clothes, my father gave us a Fanpen a pot, two pairs of chopsticks two bowls, settled himself to live the same day, even a dinner table and are not, Honeymoon in material rice oil, salt needs its own money to meet。I think she should not have had such a tough life with me。My wife actually comforted:“You look pleasing to the eye, they are willing to。The poor do not take root, grow seedlings are not rich, we the young Pasha!”    We see the bitter mother in their village to buy us three rooms, this has been resting-place, his wife began to pigs and chickens, the day a turning point。I was recruited as a movie projectionist village, although wages are only 27 yuan a month, but at home there is a steady income。    Later we had two children。I'm outside all year round screening of the film, big or small home fully supported by the wife of a man, not only thanks to her children raised, fed large, clothes, shoes are of her own making, dill get 12 acres of contracted land, administered by livestock, seed watering dishes are also borne by her。In those years she was very hard, 1.64 meters tall and only 90 kilos。    In mid-1977, due to the impact of the Cultural Revolution interrupted a decade of Chinese college entrance examination system is restored。I wanted to join reference, fulfill their college dreams。Discuss with his wife, she heard a cry, hold for a moment before the statement:“This is something I do not care, but you have to take the child。”    Just do not agree with such a statement。I can understand that she is afraid of my future as a“Chen Shimei”。Also looked at the minor children, togetherness wife feel too selfish, he dropped the idea。    After this happens, I feel like some unhappy wife。One day his wife suddenly said to me:“You do not go to university at home in?”I knew she was referring to Self。But this time I had when owners in the village cultural center during the day to run 30 miles on the way back and forth from work, only to learn in the evening。His wife said:“I drag you not read into college, the family losers do not you tube, a still young to fight it。”    In support of his wife I apply for a special training course party dry theory Liaoning University, she was down to earth during the day I go to work at night to accompany me to read。Late at night, sleepy hit, his wife always told me is burning a pot of hot water foot bath。To help me remember, I learned she followed courses to learn again, and then as a temporary teacher asks a question。She has a good memory, the contents of some questions I forgot, she always reminded me recall。A year and a half I had success with the national unified examination 13 families, to get a college degree。    Kujintianlai the following days, I became the official national cadres positive, work is also transferred to the city from rural and cultural tourism bureau。In accordance with prevailing national policies, his wife and children account or wife, we became the envy of city people rural people。    My wife and I spend three decades of knowing each other, long-term tie him down, for the moment got so serene and warm today。We take the bitter tired, before people know how to cherish the hard-won marriage。Life is short, from now on, there are more years we need each other, stick together?“Life and death deed wide, and the child into that。Hold your hand, and grow old”。What kind of words better than this poem to express our feelings at the moment it!    The wind was underway, sunset shadow oblique, my wife and I looked up at the sky looking, big flower big flower white clouds drifting slowly from head。At this moment my heart was lifted share of warmth, as clear as the blue sky。    May 15, 2012