German inflation rate in January fell to a negative value the first time in more than five years

(Germany reconcile the CPI annual rate) Remittance Network January 29 hearing – the German Federal Statistical Office on Thursday (January 29) released data show that the German inflation rate in January fell to a negative value for the first time in more than five years, to a certain extent, reflects the threat of deflation enveloped the entire euro area。  Data show that in January to reconcile the German CPI annual pace declined 0.5%, the first decline since October 2009; market expectations for a decline 0.2%, the former value rises 0.1%。  German January CPI to reconcile the initial monthly rate decreased by 1.3%, fell more than expected 1.0%, the former value increased 0.1%。  Meanwhile, German January CPI annual pace declined 0.3%, also fell more than expected 0.1%, the former value rises 0.2%; CPI month 1 month 1% of the initial value drop, drop than expected 0.8%, the former is unchanged。  The European Central Bank [microblogging] (ECB) last week committed to put at least 1.1 trillion euros (1.3 trillion US dollars) to boost economic growth and inflation。Eurozone January CPI initial value on Friday (January 30) announced, analysts expect inflation to fall further negative or 0.5%, from the ECB's 2% inflation target increasingly distant。It is this such a weak price data to the European Central Bank President Mario Draghi (Mario Draghi) provides the introduction of quantitative easing (QE) policy chips。  German Federal Statistics Office said the January CPI data will be released on the final value February 12。