Five hundred and twelve days false

Fifty-one two days off after learning that 51 holiday days of news, this unplanned I simply do not bother to arrange, want to do something you enjoy in the coming two days, let me revisit time with outside work another own。Aimless, just enjoy the immediate freedom, free and easy。    May Day morning light shine through the window, scattered on the brown wardrobe。Alarm cries let me wake up from sleep, I looked up his eyes and looked at the translucent windows and the sun illuminated wardrobe“Jay”After smile, pause for three seconds, I press the alarm clock in one hand, a faint smile on the face of headlong into bed。Fortunately, usually busy with work I really rely on nostalgia for bed, I kicked the quilt, stretched began dressing up。    Looking at the outside sky, white clouds leisurely floating in the distant mountains of the top, the air was filled with warm sunshine and early summer flowers。Dreamless sleep in because of the holiday, not less, after the grooming I sit at the computer in a daze, and more of a person's life is lonely and lazy。I turn on the computer, send a smiley face in the QQ group。Reply dripping sound I got into high spirits。Many people get up, today's Labor Day became a people's holiday festival。Release of their own during the holidays, to extract the heart massage today most people's choice。I finally decided to go to a buffet downtown to fill a blank piece does not fit。    Although I am not a“Bumpkin”(Refer never seen the world), but because of work reasons, I came to the Castle and a companion company to work。Work from eight to nine people and things outside of my surroundings and little understanding of the company, I am a bird in the cage is shut, and occasionally have been released outside the cage to fly free time, but I think I do not exclude such a life。After Huanhaoyifu me out the door, usually wearing a perverse colleagues today are very fashion dress。Male handsome female beauty, volume was blown hair, beautiful?Shirt and blue jeans, light and comfortable。Some female colleagues and even the glamorous lipstick smear on the blue eye shadow and reflection, flesh-colored stockings with red high heels bud, line the road in front of the cement giggle。Weekdays uniformed package seems a real beauty denied, life needs color, the color of human nature。    A man wearing sunglasses jumped out of the crowd to greet me, I Shaleng the。Plaid shirt, gray slacks and a pair of leather, lace, neatly combed hair and pale face, how such a handsome man will know that I live it closed!Inter are wondering, he pulled off his glasses Touyi Wai。Zhang Yong, is usually from morning till evening, talking and Zhang Yong。Both of us laughed, his dress today can be said to be some bright spots, the value of outstanding Yan。After a few words of small talk, he said, go to the city dating, family-arranged, while the rest see meet。I did not say anything else, just tell him to grasp the opportunity, he is also confident, smiling goodbye to me。In this love season, like birds flying in the wind, intense, joyful, free, I silently wish them happiness。    The bus came, I got in the crowd, to have a separate space stood become a luxury。When the speed of emergency relief, originally crowded we packed tighter, more tired and station。Watching people walk freely outside the car, and I had an urge to get off, after a moment I will give up the idea。The car exudes the smell of sweat, perfume and hair spray all kinds of taste, salty, fragrant, and some slight pungent。I relaxed mood, thinking about the movie car ran into all kinds of wonderful scene, the moment when you are shooting a movie of it belongs to me topics。    The streets of the city is full of life multicolored lights, bustling enough to describe the beauty of it。Holiday may be the reason, more special the street, composed of the most massive flow of Guys and Dolls。I found the memory of the maroon walls and shining golden X cafeteria, comes into the room。Reception my waiter arranged a seat for me and brought me a glass of ice water, I drank a small mouth, between the cool comfort in mind nothing makes me tired。Watching the store's decor, and everything is the same as the previous chic Qingxin, I thought he had been to every location and well-scenes dining and some sense of sadness。Three years ago we met here, the day he was wearing a brown jacket, coat the back of a white skull and crossbones logo, mushroom hair type covered under thick eyebrows and cheeks handsome, with city people have a stylish, clean, breath。I began to pay attention to him because of his left wrist with a yellow pad, the moment he picked up the glass, I just looked up to him sitting on the ledge of bright sunshine especially in bright orange on the wrist。I stare caught his attention, at first he just looked at me with peripheral vision, when I recovered just by his eyes catch the positive, I suddenly blushed, heart thump thump of the dance after all, I was rude earlier。I bowed my head began to plan their work, no longer look around。    Half an hour later, I packed my things ready to leave, found him still sitting there。Two eyes and ran into, I know what to do, grabbed the bag ready fled in panic。Lace dress high heels kicked, I felt some legs felt weak, eyed people let me taste every step difficult。I fell in extreme tension, the next step his heels stepped on the skirt, I fell to the ground, surrounded by a quiet followed by chaos。When I got up, I found I helped him tightly, his hand is very strong。I sat in a chair to rest for a while, I feel a kind of pain at the hot foot Lei。He sat watching me, that my feet hurt, the joints need to use ice。I tried to stand up lame before the trip, he helped me down the stairs behind me。I was ready to call downstairs to let my colleagues to pick me up, he said he drove me home, on the way to the drugstore to buy some swelling of the drug。I am somewhat amazed at him, he understands what I mean, immediately took out a card from his wallet provinces inside me。I say who depends on your ID card, after a stalemate moment I took the view look, Liang Zheng, Cantonese, born in 1988。Then I will ID card back to him, and he was pleased to pick up the car。In the car I asked him why he kept looking at me, he said he was concerned about me first, I said I was interested in bird yellow wristband just to wear on your hands。Sentimental stubble like an eye of a needle, stinging his cheek, has been red to the ears。    Liang Zheng, a company white-collar workers, parents, business, family is superior。After a few months I will live only in the name of a friend broke the further development of the two, even though my heart has long been in love with him。As he did outstanding beauty and talent, excellent condition of the man, his family can not accept a mediocre qualifications, work dependent daughter, I will always be his life's burden。His side there is no lack of wisdom, beautiful woman, with whom I should have is passing。Later, Liang Zheng came to me many times, I politely declined, even though my heart had been captured him, may I know he will always be my hand in silent blessing can not spend my whole life。Quietly open my heart to be closed by their own obsession, yearning for love but can not hold me burst into tears, after all, he came into my life is the man, I worked for him heartbeat, nervousness, Dream of around。    Facts have proved that I was right。Liang Zheng because of outstanding performance was transferred to Beijing branch, the end of the year the company will be listed on NASDAQ, a few years Liang Zheng may be settled abroad。These messages are of a political beams convey to my friend, he very much agree with my original practice。Sometimes get mean destruction, why not choose to let go。    Dish served up, my thoughts stopped short, long familiar taste is not like it used to be evocative of。I quietly eating, suddenly noticed a familiar figure sitting not far from me。Zhang Yong, my heart cried。I was here the harvest of love, here again bid farewell to their loved ones, this is a pain and I love the place。Today will be another witness of love, as it was of me。I eat dinner plate of food, from time to time attention sitting not far from Zhang Yong。Half an hour later, I found him and began to eat meals, is it the person did not come about, my heart muttered。After a quarter of an hour, I can not hold back any longer and went to greet him at the table Zhang Yong。He was not surprised at my appearance, just to be a cry softly。His reaction made me feel uneasy, appointment of people do not have to make people angry。“Since people did not come, or I brought it over to eat with you。”Then I have some regrets。“Snow, I was not out on a date today, I'm here to see you。”Zhang Yong Le looked at me some wood。I smiled and said:“How do you know I'll be here, you do not go first than me。”“I know that every three years a vacation you will come here。”This answer surprised me。“In fact, you fall day I was here, but you have not noticed my presence, then you went downstairs in his arm, sitting in his car gone, I followed you all the way to the road of rehabilitation Renkang pharmacy, and finally to your home, look at you limping with him farewell!”Zhang Yong, his voice low, every word have a great strength。It turned out he knew me, he has been just to be close to me, know me。“Snow, I have always liked you, you can accept me?”He looked at me and said daydream。Sudden remarks confuse me, but I know that in Zhang Yong confession to me。“I。.I have not eaten meals”I shirk the left,“Snow, since you can not let go why he did not take the initiative to find him?”He looked at me puzzled eyes。My heart is like a stone hit him, my whole mind he understood that he had control of my heart think。“Zhang Yong, so please do not?He and I could not, surely you already know, a good dinner!After dinner we find a place to sit all right!”I am helpless to appease him and said。“Snow, then you do not want to live like this, I want to protect you, waiting for you!”Zhang Yong was serious, he was not a man to do things impulsive。These words rhyme amount he has for a long time, and today he is here to tell me he loved me。    In a burst of accelerated heartbeat beating I got it in the bag left the restaurant, Zhang Yong behind me。I feel very bad, how can I deal with that。Burning afternoon sun shines on my face, but according to my unknown complex heart。I have the whole afternoon in the street parades。Was picked out of mind and was silently in love with the feeling of the moment an ordeal, I need to think about。    The sides of the last car to go home, Zhang Yong stood beside me。I remember the day of his entry, handsome as the sun, in humming colleagues, he sat down next to me。He greeted me, introduced himself, saying polite words。Shy, shy, but with a resolute calm atmosphere。We get along very well, perhaps I was too dusty own, he never noticed his favor。Car station, and get off my head down to go quickly forward, Zhang Yong ran over and grabbed my hand and said:“Snow, if you are not mentally prepared, I can wait。”    Home I lay in bed, in the clutter of thoughts in my own reading slowly。Has become impossible in the past, why not start immediate life。I ask myself have not liked Zhang Yong, but could not find a reason to reject him。Deep night, my thoughts are clear, starry sky shining difficult to sleep, I, as full of doubts on the eyes。I sleep, I was for myself this time。    The next morning, I opened the door and saw a bunch of roses in full bloom。I picked it got in front of a mirror wardrobe looked and looked, and soon we will be dying old。Why not take advantage of the young to own into the lives of others where we had a person can not live。The phone rang, Zhang Yong sent a text message。I will hand over to my heart, that says a stroke“I like you”。