Hong Kong – Guangzhou train passengers were trapped fault 300

Hong Kong – Guangzhou train fault 300 passengers were trapped || BEIJING, February 4, according to Hong Kong, "Wen Wei Po", a train carrying about 300 passengers to Guangzhou, February 3 traveling along Tai Po Market Station when, suspected brake system failure due to anchor and repair more than two hours before they can continue their journey, during which lead to delays in the East Rail train service back and forth for about a half hour, Fo Tan and Tai Po Market station had become a "transfer station", East Rail passengers other must-ride the train to continue their journey, spend more per trip car 15-20 minutes。
There are train accident passenger complaints, during the fault has not trapped inside the air-conditioned cabin, very hot, but the staff has not allowed them to open a window or leave the vehicle, a passenger discomfort once more。
MTR train are investigating the cause of the failure and to the affected passengers to apologize。 Failure is a Hong Kong northbound train Tetsujo occasion "MTR KTT" train was carrying about 300 passengers destined for Guangzhou MTR initially did not rule out that the train braking system problems, and refers to the carriage only a short pause for air conditioning。
Passengers must transfer drive by 20 minutes of the incident yesterday afternoon about 1:40, the train column failure occurs while traveling along Tai Po Market Station platform, lost power to stop, because the train which occupies a track, leading to the MTR East when the wire back and forth train service requires temporary adjustment, passenger arriving Fo Tan station or Tai Po Market station, the need to get off to transfer to other trains, each shift back and forth between the East Rail Line from Hung Hom to Lo Wu or Lok Ma Chau drive to be extended from 15 minutes to 20 minutes, MTR once more called on passengers should allow ample time to go out。
To about 3:10 pm, MTR send a diesel locomotive, the train dragged the accident in Tai Po Market Station No. 1 platform maintenance, followed by East Rail train service back and forth the gradual normalization。
But ultimately train accident to 4 o'clock in the afternoon to finish repairs continue their journey, more than two hours trapped inside the compartment full of passengers, no air can not complain compartment doors and windows open, very stuffy。 Forbidden to leave the vehicle in which a pair of dizziness elderly couple Zhang boarded the express train to Guangzhou travel column, it happened in Tai Po Market Station failure can not move forward in Hung Hom Station, followed by repair stations have the train dragged buried, during which the train although school staff to passengers for drinking water, but they are not allowed to open windows and doors and leave the vehicle。 Since the cabin is very hot no air conditioning, the passengers are feeling hard, once said there are more elderly passengers included dizziness。 Chen also said another passenger, originally intended to Guangzhou after the parlor, the return to Hong Kong the same day at 6 pm, but was forced to cancel the trip due to a train malfunction。
Take East Rail passenger train into trouble, Mr. Zhang said that he intends to ride the train station to go to college, but when reaching Fo Tan MTR station broadcasting refers to the staff of sudden failure due to train, train service to be stopped and asked all the passengers car transfer to another train to continue their journey platform。 But when they get off the train ride was found to be already full, they are forced to remain platform, after unexpectedly dragged on for about 20 minutes, and was scheduled to return to continue to take the original train north, the situation is confusing。
MTR bus services operating officer Lisheng Ji said after train accident repair, preliminary findings train brake system problems, and after the test train safety, have continued to leave Guangzhou。 Lee has said that as the train all the passengers were in the car on the Hung Hom Railway Station for departure clearance, and therefore need to stay in the car waiting period fault。
During the repair, the vehicle power supply system to pause, air supply also paused when a passenger express discomfort, but the ambulance did not confirm the problem after the car, the passenger can continue their journey, he apologized to the affected passengers。