Lou Jiwei: toad water can not be owned by the Ministry of Agriculture Forestry tube pipe ashore on the go

"Reform out," the State Council Three Gorges Project Construction Director: (original title of the State Council institutional reform "Kenyinggutou") program has just been Nie Weiguo know, this evening arrival Tianzao。
The director of the Ministry of Water Resources "entangled" for years admitted that "indeed this change is long overdue change!"March 13, the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the staff for the amount of brand size。 According to the day drew Thirteenth meeting of the National People's Congress for consideration, "State Council institutional reform program," State Department will establish the ecological Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Environmental Protection is no longer reserved。 Kang Shuyuan intern / photo the morning of March 13, "the State Council reform plan" submitted to the Thirteenth National People's Congress meeting。 Under the program, the State Council ministerial-level agencies to reduce 8, reducing the seven vice-ministerial agencies, in addition to the State Council, the State Council set up the composition department 26。 "Not tinkering, but a systematic reconstruction of reform。
"Three Gorges Project Construction CPPCC Nie Weiguo where the proposed incorporation Ministry of Water Resources, is no longer reserved。
He noted that some sounds not changed the name of the organization, functions may vary greatly。
A number of responsibilities NDRC is intended to be integrated into new or re-established multiple sectors, "so it is not the original Reform Commission。 "He believes that deep reform efforts of the large range, hit the interests of the extremely rare。 National School of Administration Department of Research and Professor of Public Administration from Bamboo house reform program read out determination and attitude of the party and government reform, he thought it was promoting national governance systems and governance modernization of a profound change。
Party and state institutions full-function system optimization and reconstruction This is the eighth round of institutional reform since the reform and opening up, after seven institutional reforms were occurred in 1982, 1988, 1993, 1998, 2003, 2008, year 2013。 National School of Administration, Shenzhen Research Institute senior researcher Wang Yukai that innovation and development, the reform ideas different from the past, is the first comprehensive optimization and reconstruction since the reform and opening up the party and state institutions function system。 In 1982, when the State Department has 100 departments, staffing more than 50,000 people, up more than 20 ministries and a deputy minister。
Reform of direct cut of 41 departments, prepared reduced to 30,000。 In 1988, first proposed separating the transformation of government functions。
Prior to this, the government like a "business", business is like the government of a "workshop"。 In mid-1993 coincided with the establishment of the market economic system reform, the need to establish the appropriate governance framework。
Staff efforts to streamline the biggest reform in 1998, to adapt to the market economy system, composed of 40 departments of the State Council streamlined into 29, thousands of administrative staff from the original reduced to ten thousand。
2003 reform, under WTO context, revocation of Ministry of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Commerce set up。
In 2008 with the proposal to promote government reform, "most of the system" thinking, administrative reform。 Wang Yukai, said: "From 1982 to mid-2008, are based on the reform of the administrative system to promote other reforms。 "2013 focusing on institutional reform 'discharge tube dress', ie decentralization, put the tube in combination, to optimize service, reduce government intervention in the market variety, play a decisive role in the allocation of resources in the market," a mainly administrative examination and approval , permit large-scale reduction, the State Council, five years down the total reduction of more than 900 administrative examination and approval license。 "Said Wang Yukai。 In his view, the past 30 years of institutional reforms has been to transform government functions as the core objective continues to advance, but with the national system of governance, governance capacity compared to modern requirements, there is a gap, and in the structure is irrational, overlapping functions, the place does not motivate them, as well as government action is not effectively controlled, there is a problem money, corruption, abuse of power, etc.。 After the reform, these brands will disappear "complaint rate increased, indicating that the masses Redress of Grievances" a pancake fruit, in the end who cares?For food safety, quality, price and other issues, the masses want to complain, like a "relay race" run as several departments, "a department just got some。
"CPPCC National Committee, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce Zhang Mao with 'several large blocks not control a large straw hat' to describe incomplete regulatory coverage。
In order problem "Mind fruit pancake" a few years ago in Tianjin began to reform, and the establishment of market quality Supervision and Administration Commission, the former Tianjin Administration for Industry and Food and Drug Administration, Quality and Technical Supervision "of three-in-one" from。
"Now more than 70% of the county have carried out positive reforms, a quarter of the cities have set up a market regulators。
"After the reform, the complaint rate rises, Zhang Mao thought," This shows that the masses of the Redress of Grievances!"However, after the establishment of the Tianjin market supervision committee, must face the 'three mother', Nankai University School of Management Professor Yang Long Zhou Enlai said, 'who asked to meet, we have been'。
The reform of the formation of the State Administration of market, Zhang Mao that "top-level design incorporates grassroots experience", adapted to the needs of the socialist market economic development, help to stimulate market activity, "the past, the main regulatory approval, now transfer to strengthen matter, after regulators, it is a major shift in regulatory approach and the concept of "。
Public Policy Institute of Renmin University of China, Executive Dean, director of the Chinese Government Innovation Research Center Mr. Mao said, the reform focused on the forces to solve the problem of uneven development is not sufficient, the "people-centered" concept through to managing state affairs , the construction of satisfactory service-oriented government of the people, persevere in this direction, "the people run to achieve the final only once, only one window will be able to get things done."。
Not "kind of peony owned Forestry pipe, owned by the Ministry of Agriculture to replant peony tube", "optimization, collaborative, efficient" as is "reform focus," writes reform program, efforts to crack the functions of government agencies had appeared to overlap, cross, resulting in continued wrangling。 "A frog jumped into the water pipe owned by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry tube bounced ashore on the go。
"" I kind of go Peony Forestry tube and planted peony and belongs to the Ministry of Agriculture, is a herbaceous, woody is a。
"CPPCC member and president of the National Social Security Fund Council Lou Jiwei's remarks, drew laughter。 He believes that the benefits of the reform is not a simple merger of similar items, but removed some of the original, and then a number of restructuring。 Sometimes several departments meetings, I have not finished on the "fight" and asked each other, "how your hand into my department came?"Because the functions of boundaries is unclear, Nie Weiguo did little with the Ministry of Water Resources 'passing the buck', a reservoir of the Three Gorges, Three Gorges Project Construction Ministry of Water Resources and feel the tube to himself," We're a little Three Gorges Project Construction has so much pull clear of something other then what multisectoral?"The reform program seeks to avoid policies from different departments, the responsibility is unknown, buck-passing and other issues, YANG think it reflects the scientific reform。 To plan, for example, had made a number of departments, there are often "fight plan", had to repeatedly adjust, "Planning the lack of stability, easily lead to waste of resources。 "In the future matters to insist on the principle of co-ordinated by a division of a class, one thing in principle, the responsibility of a department, 'solve' Kowloon flood 'problem'。 Bamboo house that the functions of the set-up and reform division more scientific and standardized, the boundary of governmental responsibilities more clearly, "adapt to the new mission of the new era of social justice Chinese characteristics, the new requirements, indicating that the party and the government's determination to reform in the end and the courage to break new contradictions and new problems. "。