The importance of College Students' Association of interpersonal etiquette

The importance of interpersonal communication interpersonal what is a man living in society must contact life and work will be affected, and its importance is self-evident。
So, the importance of interpersonal communication in the end, what does it with the following Xiaobian go and see the importance of interpersonal bar。
The importance of interpersonal a person's success, 15% depend on his expertise, 85% depends on his social skills, only he mastered the art of dealing with people, and he will have a good popularity, leading to on the road to success, he can have it both ways, themselves, and therefore interpersonal communication is an important part of life。 Interpersonal skills is in a group, the group's ability to live in harmony with his。
People are social beings, someone somewhere someone interpersonal。 Today's society is the information society large amount of information, its high value, is the unprecedented。
With the expansion of the amount of information, people and information using a variety of information requirements are growing, and interpersonal relationships in favor of passing each other, exchange information and results, so that their rich experience。
The importance of interpersonal Confucius once said: "Science alone without friends, the Gu Lou and widowed Wen", interpersonal relationships can help us improve our understanding of themselves and others, in order to have a more complete understanding of others, and self a more profound understanding, so as to get people's sympathy, care and help, it is possible to achieve self-improvement。
And interpersonal communication is an interaction between people, is coordinating a collective relationship to form a collective force bond, it is the need for a collective growth and social development.。