2018 China Summit Forum sing the famous wine Belle Epoque

  2018, liquor ushered in the "new cycle"。
Over the past two years, "weak recovery" era。
A second-tier wine companies showed a strong recovery in the market to focus on the advantages of famous brands。 As a famous brand symbols beyond the physical form, is the industry benchmark, witnessed the progress of industry, and establish the image of the industry, is now leading the development of the industry。 In the new era of opportunity, Chinese wines will usher in those opportunities do?  Institute of the State Council Development Research Center of Market Ren Xingzhou brought "quality wine consumption and development," the keynote speech。 In her view, China has entered the stage of quality-conscious consumer。 Consumer demand for quality design and manufacture of products from the production side, to quality control, to sales, to logistics and express delivery, after-sales service, such a complete closed loop of all aspects of high-quality consumer needs is a "good quality"。
Essence of Logic-quality consumer, is the pursuit of the good life。
China has met the basic conditions and quality of consumption, wine consumption growth illustrates the quality of the consumer to upgrade。   Under the liquor consumption overall pick, the quality characteristics of apparent consumption growth。
High-end liquor consumption showed a rapid growth momentum。
Data Institute in the business industry shows that more than the current 600 yuan / liter as% of high-end liquor, 200-600 dollars / liter of liquor sales accounted%, or 200 yuan / liter or more high-end liquor consumption accounts for 4% of the share。
The high-end wines in Germany and France accounted for% and% respectively, much higher than China。
Ren Xingzhou believes that high-end wine consumption in our country there is still much room for improvement。   Beijing Hua Xia Guanfeng Brand Management Ltd chairman Yang Yonghua speech that reconstruction has become the starting point for all industries over again。 Change a way of thinking, all industries are worth re-do it again, under the direction of a clear premise correct method is to change the fate of the fundamental。
Reconstruction of the nature of thinking is from the supply to the demand for the center of a circle。
Reconstruction based on consumer demand and industrial ecological value chain value chain。 "The biggest change in the liquor industry is a major consumer group turnover, eighty ninetieths become the dominant group。
And this change is not just the biggest challenge for the liquor business, but also the reconstruction challenge to rebirth。
"Yang Yonghua expressed。
  In the dialogue session, industry association leaders and wine prices were responsible on the "wine into the good times" and "Butterfly famous enterprises 2018" dialogue, it was generally believed that the wines entered a crucial stage of the Belle Epoque, from wine enterprises should meet people demand a better life for the angle of view, so that consumers "get a sense" and "happiness"。   Industry and media industry has been accompanied by Aioi。
China Wine News, China Wine News Network editor Hanwen in the "Belle Epoque media industry," keynote speech, said it was wonderful wines of the era, but also the good times the media industry。
The two sides adhere to the Guardian, ushered in the era of belonging to their own good, the future will be even better。   Founded part in the ceremony, the guests live together inaugurated the Chinese national brand food magazine Wine News。
President of the Chinese non-staple food Circulation Association Jihong said in his speech that in order to implement the "China Brand Day" States, to achieve "brand China" development strategy, Chinese non-staple Food Circulation Association as the circulation area of the authority of the organization and the first Chinese liquor newspaper "China Wine News "co-founder of the" national brand food Week "。 This will further promote the Chinese food brand building by the founder of the "National Brand Food Week" to promote Chinese brands of food innovation and development and restructuring and upgrading。   Day "2017 China Annual Wine Festival" awards ceremony, handed out a variety of industry awards。 It is understood that, "China Wine annual contest" is organized by the Chinese wine industry annual festival organizing committee, China Wine News, China Wine News for many years, the industry's leading an annual contest aims to create change combing Wine new changes and new trends of the year, those named in the past year have made outstanding contributions to the industry and gain market acceptance of the brand and characters, showing the spirit of innovation and industry leadership。   "China Wine of the Year Award 2017", after several months of industry experts selected, more than 100,000 users to vote, and ultimately selected the 2017 China Wine Personality of the Year and Brand of the Year。