Never underestimate Real Madrid champion of the heart

  "Never underestimate a champion's heart!"This is one of the most famous of the NBA, then and now, Real Madrid also need these words of motivation。   Neymar led by Paris invincible youth, and?Luo led the slightly old Real Madrid downturn, more people choose bullish Paris, because they are more younger, more impact, while Real Madrid are stumbling all the way this season, failed to show any kind of a championship team that should be temperament。 Paris Ayala nothing being done early, which is a lot of people early in the season for Real Madrid conclusion。
However, when the more you underestimate a team, it is often the more powerful energy burst out。
  2015-16 season, Real Madrid have suffered a similar situation this season, the league is far throw off Barcelona, the first leg of the national derby defeat, the King's Cup early exit in the Champions League knockout quarter was even beat Wolfsburg 2-0, but it is such a Real Madrid, but in the following days with action crushed the doubts and contempt, overcoming all obstacles in the Champions League, to win back the trophy。
  Indeed, now Real Madrid in the league title hopes have been very slim, but the Champions League is completely different with the league, the league more attention to the overall performance of the season, might upset a few times you can make your title hopes dashed, because in addition to to play well outside of their own, but also the leading opponent of his face, they do not make mistakes you do not have the opportunity。
  But the Champions League is different, Real Madrid is indeed qualify as the second group, but to a playoff run into Paris, the opportunity for the two teams are equal, the contest to see who can come up with 180 minutes a better state Come。   Do not forget, in 1998-5 between mid-2002, had 3 Real Madrid won the Champions League, while Real Madrid Champions League season in the league results are poor, the 1997-98 season ranked 4,1999-00 season even slipped to No. 5, while winning 2001-02 season ranked only third in La Liga。 This league results, today probably would have already put into the dog has been sprayed, but this does not prevent them to achieve good results in the game of the Champions League。 Failure of the league, never equate to a failure in the Champions League in。
  Real Madrid trying to get back the state, and?Luo also trying to find their own, since entering the second half of La Liga, Real Madrid scored three wins and a draw results, the integration has not been great again Basara, and?Lo 4 games, scored seven goals, whether it is Real Madrid or?Luo, are struggling back on track。   Although poor results, but still far from Real Madrid to become a second-rate European teams to the point where their strength is still Europe's top。
Modric + Cross midfield dual-core, is still one of Europe's most top midfield duo, while on Champions League?Luo is still general existence monster six group games scored nine goals is the best proof, and Asensio, Isco, Vazquez and other role players can bring surprises to the same Real Madrid。
  Rocket in mid-1995, the West regular season ranked only sixth, but all the way through, got the NBA championship when the season。
Now ranked fourth in La Liga, Real Madrid still have the strength to fight one in the Champions League, maybe they can make history get the Champions League three consecutive years, maybe they will fall along the way, however, should never underestimate a champion heart。   International Football Sina original column: On the other articles 🙁 MA)。